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26 February 2015

Insight | Income redistribution not the solution to inequality

Professor Brad McKay says voters deserve a more intelligent and informed debate on the different paths to creating a fairer society…

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Rwandan entrepreneur says social enterprise key to peace-building

23 February 2015

Social enterprises have a crucial role to play in rebuilding countries after conflict, according to a pre-eminent Rwandan entrepreneur and former genocide refugee.

London Stock Exchange call-auction no longer effective, says Business School research

16 February 2015

The London Stock Exchange’s (LSE) opening call auction may need to be rethought after research finds it regularly fails to set efficient prices for more than 80% of FTSE 100.

Insight | European Central Bank bond-buying programme: A good start, but not a panacea for Eurozone’s woes

23 January 2015

Mario Draghi’s €60 billion a month ‘shot in the arm’ should work, but it will take time to take effect and may not have as much impact as the ECB hopes, says University of Edinburgh Business School’s Professor Jonathan Crook.

Edinburgh and Peking University’s Schools of Business and Management join forces to address China’s carbon reduction challenge

15 January 2015

University of Edinburgh Business School has developed a strategic partnership with China’s leading business school – Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management – extending the already successful collaboration between the two universities.

Business School ranks 16th in Research Excellence Framework

18 December 2014

University of Edinburgh Business School has been ranked 16th in the UK and second in Scotland according to the Power Index, which measures the quality and breadth of research, in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment.

Scottish workforce think bosses act with courage

15 December 2014

Scottish workers think their bosses are courageous, according to a new study from University of Edinburgh Business School.

Insight | Smith Commission: what’s next for Scottish business?

27 November 2014

As the Smith Commission unveils its cross-party deal for further Scottish devolution, Professor Brad Mackay, Chair in Strategic Management at University of Edinburgh Business School, suggests lessons can be learned from Québec.

Business school research suggests men more optimistic than women on economy

13 November 2014

Men tend to be significantly more optimistic than women, according to new research from University of Edinburgh Business School.

Professor Ben Jacobsen says stamp duty replacement bad for Scottish housing market

31 October 2014

A University of Edinburgh Business School academic has warned the Scottish Government’s replacement for stamp duty could be seriously detrimental to Scotland’s housing market.

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