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14 May 2015

Balanced recruitment only tip of iceberg if professional services are to improve gender equality, study shows

Professional service firms’ focus on gender equality in recruitment only addresses a fraction of the issue. Once appointed, underlying gender bias still leads to differences in how men and women’s careers develop.

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📅04 May 2015

UKIP taking lead in Facebook engagement stakes, study shows

Established UK parties are using Facebook posts which attack the opposition to engage their followers in the run-up to the 2015 General Election. But UKIP and other parties are gaining more social likes and shares by being positive and trumpeting their own horns, according to research from University of Edinburgh Business School.

📅23 April 2015

Business School launches survey to explore political engagement through Facebook

Academics at University of Edinburgh Business School have launched a new survey, to explore political engagement on Facebook in the run-up to the 2015 UK general election.

📅16 April 2015

Inspiring thought leaders | Chris Mullin: Clarity of vision key to great leadership

In our latest #edtalks video, journalist, novelist and former parliamentarian Chris Mullin shares his observations on leadership from a lifetime in politics. Watch the video and download the full podcast.

📅01 April 2015

Insight | Appeal of age of no retirement is over-stated: most of us would rather spend time with family

Wendy Loretto, Professor of Organisational Studies at the Business School discusses her ongoing research into working in later life, and argues the idea of ‘phased retirement’ has little appeal…

📅26 March 2015

Insight | Contemporary accountancy has a lot to learn from the Jesuits

Business School Chair in Accounting, Governance & Social Innovation, Professor Paolo Quattrone, says Jesuit accounting was often superior to the contemporary discipline.

📅17 March 2015

Management accountants must ‘Rethink Reporting Practices’ to add value

The financial crisis has created an opportunity for management accountants to add real value to governance and decision making, according to a former president of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

📅06 March 2015

Inspiring thought leaders | Lord Karan Bilimoria: UK is a top country to start a business in

Lord Bilimoria, founder and chairman of global brand Cobra Beer. Watch the latest #edtalk video and download the full podcast.

📅26 February 2015

Insight | Income redistribution not the solution to inequality

Professor Brad McKay says voters deserve a more intelligent and informed debate on the different paths to creating a fairer society…

📅23 February 2015

Rwandan entrepreneur says social enterprise key to peace-building

Social enterprises have a crucial role to play in rebuilding countries after conflict, according to a pre-eminent Rwandan entrepreneur and former genocide refugee.

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