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25 August 2016

Video | MBAs give back to Children’s toy charity

Edinburgh MBAs recently lent a hand to children’s Riverkids, sorting toys for disadvantaged young people and helping out at its HQ.

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📅19 August 2016

Insight | Entrepreneurial citizens must learn from the past to account for an uncertain world

From finance to reality show audience votes, we understand the world through numbers. But Professor Paolo Quattrone says we must rediscover the value of words.

📅10 August 2016

Sustainable start-up making a mark with upcycled fashions

Two Business School graduates are hoping to set the Edinburgh fashion world alight when they launch their first collection of sustainable style this August.

📅04 August 2016

Brexit | Skills shortage could force Techxit

Dr Ben Spigel argues Brexit could rob UK tech entrepreneurs of their most valuable resource. Talent.

📅02 August 2016

Edinburgh students awarded £60k in green innovation scholarships

Three Business School applicants have each been awarded a £20,000 postgraduate scholarship, to recognise their sustainable business ideas.

📅26 July 2016

Brexit | Controlling big business in a post-Brexit world: Can the UK cope alone?

The Brexit vote has been called a victory against big business. But Professor Kenneth Amaeshi says it was a missed opportunity to grasp responsible capitalism.

📅13 July 2016

Brexit | Leadership required for G7 nation in crisis – will the women please step in?

As male political leaders resign from the enormous task of Brexit, Professor Susan Murphy says it’s the women who are stepping up.

📅28 June 2016

Brexit | The markets are grieving now – but acceptance will come. In time

Financial markets are in turmoil after the Brexit vote. But Dr Arman Eshraghi says behavioural finance tells us they will recover. Albeit to a new normal.

📅16 June 2016

Voters don’t ‘Like’ political parties on Facebook, says study

Voters are too worried about what friends think to ‘Like’ political parties on Facebook. But Dr Ben Marder says they could be 50% more likely to, if ‘Likes’ were secret.

📅14 June 2016

Insight | Three things that can derail your international business ambitions

International markets can be attractive to growing companies. But Professor Simon Harris says the liability of foreignness means doing business abroad is never easy.

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