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18 November 2015

Insight | What business angels look for in an investment

Professor Richard Harrison explores how business angels make investment decisions and what entrepreneurs can learn to become investor ready…

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📅17 November 2015

Podcast | John Kay: What can the finance sector do for us?

In our latest Beyond Business #edtalk, influential economist John Kay joins us for a critical exploration of modern finance. Listen as he asks: What is it all for? Does it create wealth, or take other people’s money? And: Why did we bail it out when it failed us?

📅11 November 2015

Debate still rages around Scotland’s 2020 100% renewables target

The Scottish Government’s ambition to produce the equivalent of 100% of the country’s electricity consumption from renewables continues to cause debate among industry leaders, just four years ahead of the 2020 target.

📅05 November 2015

Inspiring thought leaders | Richard Solomons: Technology in the hotel industry is two-edged, we see it as an opportunity

In our latest #edtalks video, InterContinental Hotels Group CEO Richard Solomons joins Dr Malcolm Kirkup to discuss innovation in the hotel industry and the challenges ahead. Watch the video now.

📅04 November 2015

School hosts charity executive education event in support of STV Appeal

University of Edinburgh Business School recently welcomed charity leaders for a unique two-day executive education workshop

📅02 November 2015

Business School launches Centre for Accounting and Society

University of Edinburgh Business School has launched a new research and engagement centre to explore the relationship between accounting and society.

📅23 October 2015

Insight | It’s time to account for the business, not the balance sheet

In this guest post, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) President Myriam Madden argues management accountancy holds the key to restoring judgement in the boardroom. But she says more must be done to empower practitioners to demonstrate their value in decision making…

📅20 October 2015

Podcast | Leadership with purpose and passion

Maggie’s CEO, Laura Lee, joins the Centre for Strategic Leadership in conversation on the role of purpose and passion in entrepreneurial success. Listen as she shares the inspiring story of the cancer care charity’s development from a single centre to global ambitions, in this podcast.

📅01 October 2015

MSc in Financial Management recognition strengthens Edinburgh CFA Programme Partnership

University of Edinburgh Business School’s MSc in Financial Management has joined the MSc in Finance and Investment, and MSc in Accounting and Finance, to become a recognised programme under the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Programme Partners Initiative.

📅30 September 2015

Insight | Context matters: Why it’s good to say ‘yes’

Business School Dean, Professor Ian Clarke explains why saying ‘yes’ to a change of environment and working in a new context could hold the key to unlocking valuable new ways of thinking…

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