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16 June 2016

Voters don’t ‘Like’ political parties on Facebook, says study

Voters are too worried about what friends think to ‘Like’ political parties on Facebook. But Dr Ben Marder says they could be 50% more likely to, if ‘Likes’ were secret.

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📅14 June 2016

Insight | Three things that can derail your international business ambitions

International markets can be attractive to growing companies. But Professor Simon Harris says the liability of foreignness means doing business abroad is never easy.

📅07 June 2016

Media Series at The Fringe welcomes Prescott, Cable, Steel and Boulton

This August, Professor Chris Carter welcomes some of the UK’s leading politicians and journalists to Media Series at The Fringe. Book now.

📅19 May 2016

In pictures | MBAs learn power of community from Mumbai to Medellin

Diversity makes the Edinburgh MBA a global qualification. But Professor Simon Harris says the classroom is no substitute for international hands-on experience.

📅17 May 2016

Podcast | Brexit: Project fantasy or a way out of European economic decline?

We welcomed leading figures from each side of the debate on the UK’s EU membership referendum. Would Brexit leave us floating alone in the cold North Sea, or would our departure pre-empt an inevitable decline in the European project?

📅16 May 2016

Insight | It’s time to stop worshiping certainty

Professor Paolo Quattrone argues it’s time to stop blaming complexity for failure and realise it’s our search for certainty that’s at fault.

📅10 May 2016

Insight | Spin is dead. Reputation is a craft

Professor Chris Carter looks at what reputation means for today’s organisations, and argues authenticity and craft above all other considerations must be of the most strategic concern.

📅04 May 2016

Edinburgh student innovation could save NHS £ millions in lost blood

A pioneering new approach to blood bank management developed by students at University of Edinburgh Business School could save the NHS £ millions each year.

📅22 April 2016

Five corporate sustainability mistakes business leaders need to stop making. Right now.

Corporate sustainability continues to divide the boardroom. While most CEOs agree it can create opportunities, for others it remains shrouded in mystery. Dr Kenneth Amaeshi explains five things it most definitely is not.

📅20 April 2016

Regulators must get ahead of game to make electronic trading fair, say experts at Wall Street event

Business School experts have warned regulators must stay one step ahead of the rapid growth in high-frequency trading, to ensure a level playing field for all investors.

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