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06 July 2015

School backs new US-China carbon capture and storage partnership

University of Edinburgh Business School is placing its academic expertise at the heart of a new agreement between industry and academic partners in the US and China, to support the development of new carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies.

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📅30 June 2015

Insight | Corporate Sustainability: It’s far more than a ‘fluffy’ business issue

Dr Kenneth Amaeshi argues businesses have a lot to gain by taking the sustainability agenda seriously. He says a lack of boardroom understanding only serves to mystify what is – in reality – a very simple issue, and can lead to missed opportunities.

📅29 June 2015

MSc in Banking and Risk gains industry accreditation

University of Edinburgh Business School’s MSc in Banking and Risk has been accredited by professional standards body, the Chartered Banker Institute.

📅25 June 2015

Award for Business School academic behind UK’s £750m annual angel investment phenomenon

The academics credited with introducing the ‘business angel’ phenomenon to the UK, and stimulating more than £750m of entrepreneurial investment each year, have been recognised with an award for their outstanding contribution to business research during the past 25 years.

📅22 June 2015

School’s Master in Finance enters top 30 in Financial Times international rankings

University of Edinburgh Business School’s MSc in Finance and Investment has been ranked 30th in the world, and 7th in the UK, in the 2015 FT Masters in Finance rankings. Up three places from 2014.

📅17 June 2015

Industry backs search for future leaders of Scottish growth

Industry leaders have backed the Business School’s new Scotland-wide search for the future talent who will drive growth in the nation’s key sectors.

The School is calling for exceptional professionals to compete for the chance to be awarded one of five scholarships – covering up to all programme fees – for its 27 month, £27,100 Executive MBA.

📅14 May 2015

Balanced recruitment only tip of iceberg if professional services are to improve gender equality, study shows

Professional service firms’ focus on gender equality in recruitment only addresses a fraction of the issue. Once appointed, underlying gender bias still leads to differences in how men and women’s careers develop.

📅04 May 2015

UKIP taking lead in Facebook engagement stakes, study shows

Established UK parties are using Facebook posts which attack the opposition to engage their followers in the run-up to the 2015 General Election. But UKIP and other parties are gaining more social likes and shares by being positive and trumpeting their own horns, according to research from University of Edinburgh Business School.

📅23 April 2015

Business School launches survey to explore political engagement through Facebook

Academics at University of Edinburgh Business School have launched a new survey, to explore political engagement on Facebook in the run-up to the 2015 UK general election.

📅16 April 2015

Inspiring thought leaders | Chris Mullin: Clarity of vision key to great leadership

In our latest #edtalks video, journalist, novelist and former parliamentarian Chris Mullin shares his observations on leadership from a lifetime in politics. Watch the video and download the full podcast.

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