The Business School is pleased to launch a series of white papers focused on topics of business interest.

Who killed Saab Automobile? Obituary of an automotive icon

Author(s): Nick Oliver, Matthias Holweg.

The final collapse of Saab Automobile in December 2011 marks the unhappy end of a long road for this automotive icon. Saab has a long and proud history as a niche auto producer with a strong brand, and has been a source of technical innovation as well as innovative design to the automotive industry.

The Global Networked Value Circle: A New Model for Best in Class Manufacturing

Author(s): Brad Mackay, Simon Harris.

The first paper showcased in this series is written by Dr. Simon Harris and Dr. Brad Mackay both Senior Lecturers in Strategy. The report was produced in association with Capgemeni.

Who are the happiest celebrities on the planet?

Author(s): Martin Peddie, Ed Cochrane.

The second paper showcased in this series is written by Ed Cochrane, a PhD researcher (Emotional Intelligence) at The University of Edinburgh Business School and Dr Martin Peddie of Emotional Sciences. The research uses a computerised emotional processor which analyses free text (Emo®Text). This looks for the myriad patterns between emotional words and everything associated with those emotions (cognitives). This report examines the emotional content of Twitter postings to see who is the happiest celebrity. The researchers plan to use the Scottish developed technology and approach used in this report in important areas of social policy, particularly in areas of social and health black spots with an underlying emotional basis.