Professor Jens Hagendorff

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Martin Currie Professor of Finance & Investment

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Jens Hagendorff is the Martin Currie Professor in Finance & Investment at The University of Edinburgh. Jens previously worked at the Financial Stability Department of The Bank of Spain and as a lecturer at The University of Leeds. Jens held visiting positions in the U.S., Italy, and Spain, most recently as a visiting fellow at The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Bank of Spain in Madrid.

Jens publishes and lectures on a range of topics in finance, banking and investments. He has developed and delivered executive education programmes around finance, investment management, banking and bank regulation for major global banks and asset management firms. Jens also acts as an advisor/consultant to commercial and central banks as well as to asset management firms on finance, investment and banking issues.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and corporate events as well as meetings organized by central banks, governments, and international organizations, including The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in Washington DC.

In 2013, Jens was elected a member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy. He is a member of the CFA UK Examinations & Education Committee.

Research interest terms

  • Finance & investment
  • Financial accounting
  • Statistics for finance
  • Banking
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate pension risk analysis
  • Financial econometrics

Research interests

Jens publishes on banking, finance and asset management topics, including:

- bank risk and systemic risk;
- corporate governance and the risk/return profile of organisations;
- bank regulation, especially capital adequacy under Basel;
- portfolio optimization using alternative assets; and
- insurance securitization and insurance-linked securities such as catastrophe bonds.

Jens's work has been published in leading international journals such as Review of Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking & Finance, European Financial Management, and Journal of Financial Services Research. Jens is one of the authors of ‘Size, Risk and Governance in European Banking’ a book which has just been published with Oxford University Press.

PhD Supervision

Jens is supervising 2 PhD students


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