Professor Stephanie O'Donohoe

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Professor of Advertising and Consumer Culture

Email: U3RlcGhhbmllLk8nRG9ub2hvZUBlZC5hYy51aw==
Phone: +44(0)131 6503821
Room: 3.11



Dip Advanced Marketing Techniques (Dublin); BSc (Trinity College, Dublin); PhD (Edinburgh).

I worked in the Irish alcohol industry on graduation, with responsibilities for marketing research, new product development and point-of-sale material. I completed my PhD at Edinburgh exploring young adults' experiences of advertising.

Research interests

I am interpretive consumer researcher, with a longstanding interest in theories and practices of advertising consumption. This interest has expanded to encompass advertising production as well as consumption, and children's relationship with advertising and marketing communications. I am currently collaborating with several colleagues on advertising-related projects.

My second main area of interest concerns consumers' interactions with the marketplace as their family circumstances change. I am involved in two projects related to this theme. With Dr Darach Turley of Dublin City University, I have been researching consumption symbolism in bereavement and service encounters with bereaved consumers. The second project concerns consumption experiences in the transition to motherhood. I am part of the VOICE Group, an international research team (spanning UK, USA, Denmark and Ireland) exploring this area, and I was a co-organiser of the ESRC Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption seminar series.

Finally, I am involved in several joint projects exploring consumption practices among young people, particularly at points of transition.

Group membership

PhD Supervision

Stephanie is supervising 4 PhD students


Edging out of the nest: emerging adults' use of smartphones in maintaining and transforming family relationships

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View / download (open access)

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View / download (open access)

Listening to the wounded storyteller:

pathographies as a repository of consumption meanings

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Research output: Paper.

An Apple all day makes liminality okay: the influence of the iPhone on teenage girls' consumption practices

AOM Conference 2013

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View / download (open access)

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