Ensuring the quality of our teaching and research is an important consideration both for the Business School and the University of Edinburgh as a whole.

Quality assurance and enhancement 

The School complies with the Quality Guidelines of the broader University, and publishes extensive guidance for staff on our Intranet about how to ensure quality. On this page we have included information of general interest and we have also included links to other resources related to Quality Assurance and Enhancement and student support. 

The University Quality Unit 

Detailed information about quality processes at the University is available from the Quality Unit website.

The University of Edinburgh Quality Unit

Annual Quality Reporting

Each year the School must publish a report detailing Annual Quality Assurance and Enhancement (QAE) initiatives with reference back to previously stated intentions. 

The School's QAE report for the year 2014/15

Accreditation and collaborative provision

The University register of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRBs) is available on the Quality Unit website. 

University register of professional, statutory and regulatory bodies

Collaborative activity at the University 

Details about the University's collaborative agreements and arrangements, and guidelines for developing collaborative provision, are available from the Governance and Strategic Planning website.

Governance and Strategic Planning website

College Learning and Teaching Strategy 

The College aims to continually improve the student learning experience and is committed to improving learning and teaching, and supporting staff involved with this.

Learning and teaching strategy and resources

University Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy 

The University Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy is available to download from the Policies section of the Academic Services website. 

Policies on the Academic Services website

Student representation

Information about student representatives, including a role description, a list of class representatives, and advice on how academic staff can offer support, is available from the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) website. The School will also invite you to become involved on a School level. 

Find out more on the EUSA website

Student support

The University has a policy on academic and pastoral support which is available to download from the Academic Services website.

University policy on academic and pastoral support

Accessible learning

We aim to help students maximise their academic potential and get the most benefit from their programme of study and university experience. In line with our strategic goals of excellence in learning and teaching, we seek to enhance the student experience by creating a learning and teaching environment, and culture, that is dynamic, accessible and inclusive. 

Degree Programme Specifications

The Degree Programme Specifications is also know as the European Diploma Supplement and is available to students as an additional document to their degree transcript, detailing the structure of their degree programme. Degree Programme Specifications from 2005/6 till 2011/12 are available on this site. For more recent Degree Programme Specifications consult the central University site DPRS.

Business School Degree Programme Specifications 2005/6 - 2011/12

Business School Degree Programme Specifications 2012/13 onwards

Further Curriculum Framework information