We host an extensive guest speaker programme featuring practitioners and academic experts, covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.

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Media Series at the Fringe: David Steel, My Life in Politics

📅11th August 2016
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📅11th Aug 2016

Media Series at the Fringe: David Steel, My Life in Politics

Lord Steel - Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Lord Steel joins Professor Chris Carter to reflect on an illustrious career in public life.

📅23rd Aug 2016

Media Series at the Fringe: Adam Boulton - In conversation

Adam Boulton - Editor-at-Large - Sky News
Professor Chris Carter welcomes the journalist and broadcaster Adam Boulton to evaluate the key players and occurrences providing the context for his journalistic career.

📅25th Aug 2016

Media Series at the Fringe: John Prescott - In conversation

Lord Prescott - former Deputy Prime Minister
Professor Chris Carter welcomes Lord Prescott to discuss his career in the public eye.

📅26th Aug 2016

Media Series at the Fringe: Vince Cable - In conversation

Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable - former Liberal Democrat Cabinet Minister
Professor Chris Carter welcomes distinguished economist and highly respected parliamentarian, Sir Vince Cable.

📅27th Sep 2016

Building an International Business Masterclass

Professor Simon Harris - Chair in International Strategy - University of Edinburgh
Using the latest research in internationalisation, we pinpoint the main hurdles you face in international venturing, show the main capabilities you need to overcome them and present tested strategies for building businesses internationally.

📅13th Oct 2016

Digital Leadership Masterclass

Dr Jim Hamill - Director - Future Digital Leaders
The changes brought about by the internet over the last twenty years are nothing compared to what is to come over the next few years. No industry, no organisation is immune from the threat of digital disruption and with labour markets being transformed by artificial intelligence and automation, no individual is immune. A new breed of senior executive is required to drive digital transformation - Digital Business Leaders. Is your organisation ready for digital change? Are you ready?

📅24th Nov 2016

Leading Strategic Change Masterclass

Professor John Amis - Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation - University of Edinburgh
This 2 day programme on leading strategic change is designed to equip leaders with the ability to understand when and why change is needed in business, and how to deliver it effectively and sustainably.

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