We host an extensive guest speaker programme featuring practitioners and academic experts, covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.

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Sustaining employee well-being for the 21st century: ESRC Seminar Series: Seminar 6, Employee well-being across the career span

📅27th November 2015
📅 To be confirmed

👤Wendy Loretto (et al.)
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📅27th November 2015

Sustaining employee well-being for the 21st century: ESRC Seminar Series: Seminar 6, Employee well-being across the career span

Wendy Loretto - Deputy Dean of the Business School - University of Edinburgh (et al.)
The 6th seminar in the ESRC series will examine the sustainability of employee well-being and how it can be balanced with organisational performance.

📅1st December 2015

Masters & More - Berlin

Our student recruitment manager will be in Berlin to meet prospective students and discuss our exciting range of MSc programmes.

📅1st December 2015

Executive MBA Open Night and Mini Masterclass

Dr. Jim Hamill - Director - Future Digital Leaders
Find out all you need to know about our Executive MBA programme and how you can combine study with your ongoing career. This event includes a taster for the programme in the form of a Mini Masterclass presented by Jim Hamill on Digital Darwinism.

📅1st December 2015

E Club 10: clean energy, hydropower & solar

Ed Craig - Head of Enterprise & Innovation - ECCI (et al.)
The fourth event in the E Club 10 series focusing on low carbon and renewable energy will hear from entrepreneurs who have succeeded in starting successful businesses in this area.

📅2nd December 2015

Webinar - MSc Overview

This webinar will be provided by our student recruitment manager, Michael Chambers. A brief overview will be followed by an opportunity to ask questions about our various MSc programmes.

📅3rd December 2015

Corporate Governance: An International Review Edinburgh PhD Workshop on Corporate Governance

PhD students are invited to present and discuss their research in the area of corporate governance at the CGIR pre-conference workshop.

📅4th December 2015

Corporate Governance: An International Review. Special Issue Conference on “Challenges in Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies”.

Prof. David Yermack - Professor - New York University Stern School of Business
This two day conference will examine corporate governance in the context of emerging economies where there is increasing involvement of the state in running businesses.

📅4th December 2015

A Robust Perspective on Transaction Costs in Portfolio Optimization

Professor Victor DeMiguel - Professor of Management Science and Operations - London Business School
A discussion of a new method to use a transaction cost term in portfolio optimisation to compute portfolios that are efficient and robust to estimation error.

📅8th December 2015

Jolly speed networking

E Club and Launch.ed will celebrate the end of the semester with a fun, relaxed networking event over some wine and festive food.

📅8th December 2015

Turning Botox into a global product: my journey as CEO

David Pyott CBE
As CEO, Pyott turned US pharma business Allergan into a $7 billion global sales giant. An Edinburgh alumnus, he now plans to use his eyecare expertise to support areas of need in Africa.

📅9th December 2015

Webinar - Finance Portfolio - Which MSc is right for you?

Our student recruitment manager, Michael Chambers will present our five finance MSc programmes followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discover which programme best suits you.

📅11th January 2016

Full-day Workshop on Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)

Professor Wendy Olsen - Professor of Socio-Economics - University of Manchester
Prof Wendy Olsen will offer a full day workshop on qualitative comparative analysis in a hands-on, interactive session.

📅13th January 2016

Why authentic brands are the only way forward

Stella Morse - CFO - Genius Foods
Stella Morse will deliver the annual Edinburgh Leadership Lecture and discuss her experience of brand authenticity.

📅3rd February 2016

Uncovering the Glass Cliff: Women's leadership roles in times of crisis

Professor Michelle Ryan - Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology / Dean of Postgraduate Research and Director - University of Exeter Doctoral College
Prof Michael Ryan will explore the glass cliff phenomenon that sees women more likely to found in leadership positions that associated with risk of failure and criticism.

📅5th February 2016

Pollution Accumulation And Abatement Policies In Two Supply Chains Under Vertical And Horizontal Competition

Professor Fouad Ouardighi - ESSEC Business School, Paris, France
Fouad El Ouardighi presents on the impact of competition and strategy on the pollution accumulated by supply chains over time.

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