The Business School's alumni network connects over 10,000 alumni in over 120 countries worldwide. Here you can discover our Alumni services and career support.

Alumni community

Members of our alumni community have a life-long link with the School which provides a range of services and events designed to maximise our alumni's degree and support them throughout their professional life.

See the Alumni Services Brochure below for further details.

Keeping in touch

The Alumni Office strives to keep alumni informed and connected with each other.

Please update your details using the link below if you change email address or move home.

Alumni on Twitter

@uoebusiness 2 hours ago
We're exploring the nature of the global challenges around resource insecurity with @Craig_SWIP #2014LTW

@uoebusiness 3 hours ago
@RI_News_Alert We're examining #CSR #circulareconomy #GlobalInequality #sustainability at #2014LTW Check it out here

@uoebusiness 3 hours ago
@UKSIF What challenges do today's businesses face? We're exploring at #2014LTW #CSR #BlueEconomy #GlobaIInequality

@uoebusiness 9 hours ago
How can orgs define, measure and manage their talent? We explore with @TomCalvard at #2014LTW #HR #talent...

@uoebusiness 3 days ago
How can business plan for #indyref? We'll be discussing at #2014LTW with Prof Brad Mackay. Read about his research

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