The Business School's alumni network connects over 10,000 alumni in over 120 countries worldwide. Here you can discover our Alumni services and career support.

Alumni community

Members of our alumni community have a life-long link with the School which provides a range of services and events designed to maximise our alumni's degree and support them throughout their professional life.

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Keeping in touch

The Alumni Office strives to keep alumni informed and connected with each other.

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Upcoming alumni events

16th February 2015

Behavioural Finance Masterclass

Prof. Ben Jacobsen - Chair in Financial Markets - University of Edinburgh Business School

7th April 2015

Crafting Strategy Masterclass: Creating and Sustaining a Competitive Edge

Prof. Brad MacKay - Chair in Strategic Management - University of Edinburgh Business School

21st April 2015

Leading Strategic Change Masterclass

Prof. John Amis - Chair in Strategic Management and Organisation - University of Edinburgh

7th May 2015

Numbers, Governance and Leadership Masterclass

Prof. Paolo Quattrone - Chair in Accounting, Governance and Social Innovation - Univeristy of Edinburgh Business School

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