Building a network that supports your career or business is a core part of being a Business School alumnus. From formal career services through to peer support, you'll find the help you need to develop yourself and your career.

Career Services

Formal career support is available to Business School alumni in the following ways.

  • The University of Edinburgh Careers Service can be accessed by all recent graduates of the Business School.
  • Dedicated support from the Business School is offered to recent MBA graduates.
  • MBA students have access to top international job-posting platforms.
  • Undergraduates or visiting undergraduates may be eligible for a discount on further studies.

For more information, see career services

Peer Support

The Business School supports Alumni in developing their professional network and connecting with each other.  This is facilitated in various ways including:

  • organising alumni events around the world;
  • moderating exclusive LinkedIn groups for alumni;
  • providing an alumni matching service; and
  • hosting the Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club (E-Club).

For more information, see peer support