There are many opportunities for alumni to get involved in School activities, either as individuals or with their organisations. These include sharing your experience and knowledge with current students, offering a management problem as the basis for an MBA consultancy project, recruiting current students as interns, or participating in the Scottish MBA Careers fair organised each February by the School.

These collaborations can often benefit not just the school but your organisation as Owen Williams (MBA 2008) can testify.

As soon as I stepped into the Auditorium the whole experience of the MBA came flooding back to me...

Upstream Consultant with Wood Mackenzie, Owen talks about how he stays involved with the University of Edinburgh Business School.

After 18 months away from the school I recently returned to give a talk to the current MBA and MSc Carbon Management students about the Energy sector, Wood Mackenzie and my particular role as an Upstream Consultant.

As soon as I stepped into the Auditorium the whole experience of the MBA came flooding back to me, so I could identify with the position the students are currently in and tried to help them focus on the career options that they have open to them.

Wood Mackenzie is also a client for the consultancy and scenario planning projects within the MBA programme, where we have two teams of MBA students looking at ways we can expand our consultancy offerings to our global client base. Personally I enjoy the fresh perspectives gained by discussing the ideas of the students. Working as a consultant you are constantly aware of the need to consider alternative views on all subject areas, particularly given the volatility experienced in the energy industry and wider economy in recent times, and in my experience the students are a valuable source of new ideas.

Owen Williams (MBA 2008)

Every year alumni are invited back to the School to give a brief presentation about the industry they work in for the benefit of current MBA and MSc students. The object of the sessions is to assist students' research their career options and to expand their professional network.

Contact the Alumni Office if you would like more details on how to get involved in presenting at either the School guest speaker series or Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club events.