An overview for students from our partner institutions who are thinking of coming to join us in Edinburgh for a period on exchange.

Each student's programme is designed in consultation with his/her home institution. MBA Exchange students are recommended to take 4 courses. Each course counts for 5 ECTS.

September to December - Semester 1

Please note that we only teach core courses in Semester 1 (compulsory for Edinburgh students) - your exchange co-ordinator should have told you this. If they did not then please point this out to your school in order to make sure that they will accept that you take such courses, as you are likely to find overlap with the core courses you have taken at your home school.

January to March - Semester 2a

A full load for an Edinburgh MBA student would consist of the core courses in Corporate Strategy, Decision Analytics, Critical Enquiry for Business: doing and using research management,Consultancy Project, Career Track, Leadership Programme, and 3 option courses.

For information on timetables and course booklets, please email

April to June - Semester 2b

Edinburgh students complete the core courses in Leadership and High Performance Teams,and the Consultancy Project , plus 2 option courses. We regret that the Consultancy Project is only open to exchange students if they are here in both Semester 2a and 2b, as a result of the length of time over which it operates. We recommend that exchange students complete 3 option courses.

For information on timetables and course booklets, please email

In Semesters 2a and 2b, evening options may be taken in place of daytime options, provided there are no pre-requisites (for example, some courses may require completion of previous courses), and that day time and evening options do not overlap in terms of content.

Please note that if you wish to take Business to Business Marketing you will not be allowed to sign up for Semester 2b evening courses as the delivery mode of this course would not permit this - this condition also applies to Edinburgh students.