We offer a 12 month MBA as well as a 16 month MBA specialising in International Business. Both programmes focus on developing your capability for incisive analysis, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial action in a global context, and also your potential for leading change in organisations.

Both programmes aim to prepare you for strategic leadership in a rapidly changing world. The programmes will develop an understanding of:

  • The nature and complexity of the global challenges facing businesses.
  • The importance of strategic leadership as an approach to achieving success in a rapidly changing environment.
  • The key management functions associated with finance, accounting, strategic marketing, organisation and operations.
  • How markets and international economies work.
  • The responsibilities of businesses as stewards of financial, social and natural capital.

In addition the two programmes will develop:

  • Your confidence in decision-making through the applied analysis of real business problems.
  • Your ability to think strategically and holistically when planning new business solutions.
  • A passion for innovation and entrepreneurial action.
  • A global mind-set with sensitivity to the impact of differences of culture and context on strategy.
  • Advanced communication and interpersonal skills for effective leadership.

Both programmes take a global perspective, although the opportunities for international travel on each programme are different in scope and extent. On our 12-month MBA, there is an opportunity to study International Business in Context (a one-week intensive module located in an emerging market) and to undertake your Capstone Project focused on a country outside of the UK.

On our 16-month MBA, the international opportunities are greater. You will spend 2-3 months on exchange with one of our international partner Universities (USA, Canada, China, Italy, France, Finland, Australia, Mexico or Spain) and a further 2 months on an international internship.