In this landmark collaboration between the world-renowned School of GeoSciences, the Business School and the School of Economics, the MSc in Carbon Management provides a high-level, intensive exploration of a subject crucial to the future of business and, of course, the planet itself.

Designed to create the next generation of carbon managers, auditors and expert advisors, the MSc gives students a detailed understanding of climate science and economics and provides a broad and integrated understanding of carbon management.

The programme is now hosted by the School of GeoSciences and taught at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation's new building at High School Yards in central Edinburgh. ECCI is a hub for the knowledge, innovation and skills required to create a low carbon economy. The building comprises an innovation suite, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, exhibition and social space.

Very few Universities in the world have the depth of expertise in carbon management as the University of Edinburgh. We can draw on the teaching and knowledge of some of the world's leading authorities in the subject, including lead authors from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), government advisors and industry specialists.

The programme also collaborates with several leading companies and projects, which allows students to undertake a wide range of applied research projects, with excellent employment prospects post-graduation.

By the end of the programme, students will understand the key drivers behind the carbon economy, its financial imperatives and the regulatory framework in which it operates.

Further information on this programme is available on the School of GeoSciences website