The MSc in Financial Management is a comprehensive and rigorous programme that focuses on key areas in accounting and corporate finance. It is designed for graduates interested in following a career in the finance sector.


Financial Management is one of the key disciplines necessary for the successful management of business corporations.

Studying the theories underlying Financial Management practices allows students to recognise the financial behaviours of corporations. An understanding of the practices of this course will equip students with the knowledge and comprehension necessary to apply this knowledge to real-life business situations.

Financial management 

  In an organisation financial management is split into two principal roles:

  • The accounting function - usually under the direction of the financial controller. It is concerned with the provision and interpretation of information for economic decision-making. 
  • The corporate finance function - directed by the treasurer


The programme focuses on three roles within this area:

  • Management accounting, the internal facing function, which services the information needs of the organisation's management
  • Financial accounting, the external facing, highly regulated, function. It provides information for investors, the general public and regulatory bodies. 
  • Corporate finance function is concerned with managing the finances of the organisation. It involves cash management, asset allocation, capital structuring and financial risk management. These may be applied to areas such as interest rates, foreign currency exchange rates and commodity trading.  

What we offer

The programme is structured so that students specialise through courses within choices including:

  • Advanced corporate finance
  • Advanced finance theory
  • Behavioural finance and market anomalies
  • Derivatives
  • Investment management
  • Public sector financial management. 

The MSc in Financial Management also focuses on academic orientation. Apart from being suitable for those who enter a business career, it is also a valuable preparation for further research at PhD level. It is both academically rigorous and closely in line with professional practice.