The MSc in Human Resource Management (HRM) aims to give students the knowledge, understanding and key skills that are required by today's HR professionals and to enable students to effectively contribute to dynamic organisations.


Changing economic, financial, demographic, and political landscapes mean that the constitution of effective human resource management and how it may best be practiced is constantly evolving.

Recent developments have indicated that the portfolio of HRM responsibilities within organisations is growing with the need for employee engagement with broader policies such as corporate social responsibility and carbon management.

What we offer

The Business School's organisational studies group's expertise will position the MSc in HRM at the forefront of research-led, practical and theoretically informed education.

The programme has been designed to provide a combination of courses that will enable the professional development of future HR managers. It will draw upon the extensive research portfolios of members of the organisational studies group and combine theoretical and research insight with practical skills and opportunities for application of knowledge to real-life HR issues.

A strong academic base, passionate faculty and international cohort will ensure a rewarding student experience in our city-centre campus. The school has widespread industry links and students will have exposure to a range of guest speakers.

The MSc in Human Resource Management has gained approval as a fully accredited programme by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).