The Business School advances knowledge through theoretical and applied discipline-based research. That research is published in top academic journals and creates impact through peer recognition, corporate and community engagement, and the support of student learning.

Our research mission

The Business School's research mission is to produce theory-led, practically relevant research that addresses contemporary organisational and management challenges faced by businesses, public organisations, regulatory bodies, and policy-makers. 

Our research strategy is focused on creating and sustaining a supportive, collaborative, and vibrant research culture through raising the quality and quantity of our research output and by developing and managing all faculty to achieve our goals.

Practitioner engagement

Practitioner engagement is a major emphasis of the Business School. In addition to dissemination in academic and practitioner journals, each research group runs a variety of activities with the aim of providing a broad base of accessible evidence for practitioner-oriented activities.

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Doctoral community

The Business School's research environment is further enlivened by our growing doctoral community, with over 100 research students from across the globe. Please see the PhD section for detailed information on our research degree programmes and how to apply.

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Latest Research News

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Latest Research News

Video | Advertising – where have the Dads gone?

27th September 2016

The breadwinner remains the most common depiction of dads in advertising. But Professor David Marshall says this should be brought up to date.... Continue reading

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Where have the dads gone in advertising? @bestyprof David Marshall asks, #yearofthedad

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GB’s research @gbengaibikunle on the performance of ‘green’ funds features in @TheEconomist

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