Established research centres and institutes at the University of Edinburgh Business School are listed below:

School Research Centres and Networks

Credit Research Centre

Director: Professor Jonathan Crook
Credit Research Centre website

Centre for Business and Climate Change

Director: Francisco Ascui
Centre for Business and Climate Change page

Institute of Public Sector Accounting Research (IPSAR)

Director: Professor Irvine Lapsley
IPSAR's page

Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

Director: Professor Peter Rosa
Centre for Entrepreneurship Research's page

Centre for Public Services Research (CPSR)

Director: Professor Stephen Osborne
Centre for Public Services Research website

Sustainable Business Initiative (SBI)

Director: Dr Kenneth Amaeshi
SBI website

Discursive Families Network

Convenors: David Marshall, Teresa Davis, Margaret Hogg, Alan Petersen, Tanja Schneider, Lyn Walford (Network Co-Ordinator)
Discursive Families Network website

Accounting and Popular Culture Research Network 

Convenor: Ingrid Jeacle
Accounting and Popular Culture Research Network page

External Research Centres and Institutes

We also have staff associated with the following external research centres:

The David Hume Institute

Director: Ray Perman
The David Hume Institute's website

Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation

Director: Professor Robin Williams
ISSTI website


Director: Professor David Wield
INNOGEN website

OR Group of Scotland

Secretary: Roberto Rossi
OR Group of Scotland website

The Future of the UK and Scotland

Professor Brad Mackay from the Business School has been appointed by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to undertake research that will inform the debate in the run-up to the referendum on Scottish Independence.

This project involves undertaking up to 60 interviews with senior business leaders in medium and large companies from across a range of strategically important sectors and industries operating in Scotland. The aim of the project is to explore business decision-making in conditions of constitutional and political uncertainty in Scotland and the United Kingdom, and to develop a number of alternative scenarios around the different possible outcomes from the Scottish independence vote.

For more information see: The Future of the UK and Scotland Website