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Why Edinburgh?

Edinburgh has consistently been named one of the best places to live and work in the UK, and is notable for its fine Georgian and Victorian architecture and spectacular natural scenery. As a student, you will benefit from the vibrant cultural scene, varied nightlife and countless events and festivals that run throughout the year.

Situated on the shores of the Firth of Forth and set on seven hills, Edinburgh City contains a royal palace, a cliff-top castle and an extinct volcano. The city has a modern dynamism juxtaposed with historical cobbled streets and is home to four universities, the infamous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, world class galleries and concert halls, tranquil parks and busy shopping streets.


A city of culture

Edinburgh is both a modern, international city and a historic World Heritage Site. Every August Edinburgh’s streets come to life during the month of comedy, music, dance and theatre that is the Edinburgh Festival, while alternative events occur across city all year round.

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A city of innovators

The city and the University have been home to some of history’s most influential thinkers and innovators, including the philosopher David Hume, the naturalist Charles Darwin and many eminent, modern-day entrepreneurs, such as John Boyd Dunlop of Dunlop Rubber.

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A city for business

Edinburgh has the second largest financial sector in the UK with a thriving, diverse economy. Several major global financial institutions have their headquarters in Edinburgh and the city also has a flourishing small and independent business sector.

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Beyond the city boundaries, Scotland is a land of stunning mountain scenery, rugged coastline, and beautiful islands. The landscape is ideal for an outdoor lifestyle, while vibrant cities beyond the boundaries of Edinburgh also offer plenty of culture and attractions.

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