15 December 2021

Yijia Gao, MSc Finance, shares with us some interesting recommendations and tips for the Edinburgh Christmas Fair 2021.
Edinburgh Christmas Market Carousel and Stands

Edinburgh's annual Christmas Fair continues this year, and it is very much in the Christmas spirit. It is a fun and exciting fair with Christmas costumes, rides, and stores. Whether you are a student, a teacher, or a local, you can find your own happiness in the Christmas market. Get your friends and family together!

  • Dates: 20 November 2021 to 02 January 2022
  • Location: East Princes Street Gardens, George Street, and St Andrew’s Square
  • Admission: This year's Christmas Market only has two entrances, one at the Waverley Bridge by the train station and one next door to the Royal Scottish Academy (in front of the National Gallery) on Princes Street.

Top Tips

  • Check out the Techno Power ride, but remember not to eat too much beforehand!
  • To go skating you may need to book a slot in advance
  • Weekends are generally very busy
  • Remember to wear warm clothes!
  • Show proof of your Edinburgh post code to get a 20% discount

Recommended amusements

Forth 1 Big Wheel

This is one of the most popular rides in the whole Christmas market! At night, the Ferris wheel will light up with colourful lights, illuminating the beautiful Prince Street. It can be a bit cold on the wheel, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes when you go up.

Cost: £10 per person


One of the most beautiful rides in the whole Christmas market! The carousel plays Christmas songs while it is spinning, creating a lovely festive atmosphere.

Cost: £4 per person

Techno power

This is the most exciting ride in the whole Christmas market!

Cost: £10 per person


Located in Santaland under Princes Street. It is recommended not to eat too much before riding the waltzers.

Cost: £5 per person

Snack recommendations

Hot dogs

Next to the market gate is a store where you can smell the aroma from afar and can be the first one to try.


There are always many people lining up for pancake and crepes, both of which are very tasty and highly recommended.

Potato tower

If you are tired of eating fries, give the potato tower a try.

Baked salmon

This salmon is baked over an open fire with charcoal and is very tasty.

Mulled wine

The most popular drink at Christmas must be mulled wine. Aromatic, warm red wine mixed with spices; perfect for the cold weather.

Yijia Gao is studying MSc Finance at the Business School.

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