6 January 2022

Jennifer Mullins, MSc Human Resource Management, shares handy tips on how to prepare for weather in Edinburgh.

One thing you can be certain of during your time in Edinburgh is how unpredictable the weather is!

From sunny blue skies to storms that make you want to stay in bed, Edinburgh has its fair share of weather. As someone who prefers to stay warm and dry, I have a few top tips on how to navigate the uncertain weather.

Check your weather app

Introduce yourself to your weather app, it is sure to become your new best friend. In my experience during my time in Edinburgh, checking the app once a week to plan your outfits or weekly activities is not enough. In fact, the weather app often changes the daily forecast multiple times a day.

The best advice I can give you is to check the weather forecast for the next day just before you go to sleep, then check again when you wake up, and then one last check before you leave the house — just for good measure.

Be prepared

Moving from the weather app tip, the best thing you can do to stay warm and dry in Edinburgh is to be prepared! You never know what the weather has in store for you from one day to the next, so the best thing you can do is be prepared for anything.

This means investing in a warm rain-proof coat, especially necessary in the winter (goodbye fashion, see you next summer... hopefully). Welly boots are something I had retired as a ten year old but alas, on wet days I find myself applauding myself for buying a sturdy pair of wellies that keep my feet nice and dry, because we all know there is nothing worse than wet socks!

Since moving to Edinburgh in August, I have made it a rule, never leave the house without gloves, ever. Even if it looks dry outside, and the weather app says its six degrees, but the wind here is biting and will leave your fingers feeling numb in minutes. On a similar note, a hat and scarf are great investments that you will thank yourself for in the future. Basically, anything your parents made you wear as a child is a must while you are here.

Enjoy It

As wet and cold as all this sounds, the unpredictable weather can be quite exciting. Where else will you experience blue skies and a flurry of snow all within one afternoon? While the summer is usually warmer and dryer, the winter normally brings snow which can make for lots of fun, especially when you are looking for a stress reliever in the middle of exam season (did someone say snowball fight?!).

When the sun finally does come out of hiding, you can be sure to find yourself on Portobello Beach, ice cream in hand, with all memories of rain and snow completely forgotten about.

Jennifer Mullins

Jennifer Mullins is studying MSc Human Resource Management

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