17 November 2021

Samantha Li, is a current MSc International Business and Emerging Markets student. For her first blog, she would like to share her reasons for choosing Edinburgh for her postgraduate studies.
Two students walking in front of the Business School building

Time flies! I cannot believe it is already my eighth week in Edinburgh and so far, the university experience has been more fruitful than I expected.

Choosing Scotland

While doing research for my postgraduate studies, I applied to various universities in the UK. Having completed a degree in International Hospitality Management in England for my undergraduate studies, the idea to study in Scotland seemed like the right move for me.

I had heard from others about the mesmeric scenery and the generally amazing experience of travelling in Scotland. I also asked my friends about their university experience studying at the University of Edinburgh. They all enjoyed it a lot!

Current students are an excellent resource

I began browsing the courses offered at the University of Edinburgh. To those searching for their desired programme and university, I would advise you read the module's description to get a basic understanding of the course.

Also, it is great if the university offers the Unibuddy service so that you can ask current students about their student experience, accommodation, application tips, and more. I am truly thankful that I talked to a student on Unibuddy from the University of Edinburgh, who shared concrete advice from her own experience of choosing the programme.

I was interested in the International Business and Emerging Markets programme, which focused on developing future business markets from an international perspective. I had not been able to find a similar programmes at other universities. I felt this option would be interesting and useful in helping me develop my consulting career.

No regrets

Here I am! I truly made the best decision to study at Edinburgh. I have been able to make friends from different countries and we spend time travelling around the city. I am in love with Edinburgh and I will share more with you in later blogs.

Please always feel free to chat with me on Unibuddy! I will be more than happy to share my university experience in detail with you.

Samantha Li is studying MSc International Business and Emerging Markets.

If you have questions ask Samantha on Unibuddy.