Details of the membership of the Equality and Diversity Committee.

The Equality and Diversity Committee aims to develop and uphold fair and just processes that fulfil the essence of the University's Dignity and Respect Policy. The Committee will work to ensure fairness and inclusion in all the School's activities, and support the School in being accountable to its internal and external stakeholders.

Our work is also directed towards facilitating a culture in the School that enables us to be accessible and safe for all our staff and students. We do this through an openness to complaint and criticism, and through continuous self-evaluation and self-reflection.


  • The Committee will be clear and transparent in its principles and process of decision-making and action.
  • The Committee will ensure that School policy and practice is guided by equality and diversity principles and that adequate means of learning and deliberation are made available to help this.
  • The Committee will remain open to and receive complaint as constructive. Complaint will be regarded as an opportunity for learning.
  • Members of the Committee will exercise reflexivity and critique in order to deliver change within the School.


Tom Calvard

Tom Calvard

Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Co-chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee