Explore what our priorities are and how we are making changes in Access and Engagement, Wellbeing, and Managing Conflict.

Access and engagement

The Committee works with the School to implement programmes and practices that improve recruitment, retention, and advancement of students and staff from marginalised communities.

We pursue an intersectional and pipeline approach for our access and engagement activities, and provide training and support for the implementation and enhancement of these activities.

University networks

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The Committee is responsible for creating principles and practices that focus on structural and systemic causes of stress and lack of wellbeing. We seek to provide training and resources for the implementation and enhancement of the School's wellbeing strategy.


ConnectED capabilities

Watch what UEBS students and staff have to say about what the transition to Edinburgh is like and how you can overcome various challenges while here.

Managing conflict

The Equality and Diversity Committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive conflict resolution policy that will restore trust in and satisfaction with the handling of conflict, including bullying and harassment claims. It seeks to ensure that key staff are trained in mediation and conflict management skills.

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