We host an extensive guest speaker programme featuring practitioners and academic experts, covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.

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Media Series at the Fringe: Polly Toynbee & David Walker - In conversation

📅25th August 2017
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👤Polly Toynbee (et al.)
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📅25th Aug 2017

Media Series at the Fringe: Polly Toynbee & David Walker - In conversation

Polly Toynbee (et al.)
Professor Chris Carter welcomes Polly Toynbee and David Walker, two of Britain’s leading commentators and policy analysts.

📅30th Aug 2017

Credit Scoring and Credit Control XV Conference

Dr Tony Van Gestel - Director Risk Models, Quantification and Defaults at Dexia, CEO at Dexia Nederland - Dexia Group (et al.)
Join us for the 15th Credit Scoring and Credit Control conference, Europe's premier conference for credit scoring and related topics. It bridges the academic-practitioner divide. Talks range from current industry issues to the latest statistical research findings.

📅7th Sep 2017

Non-Executive (NXD) Directors Programme: Session One

Gary Hughes - Chairman - Audit Committee, Booker Group plc (et al.)
As the responsibilities and accountabilities of Non-Executive Directors intensify, so the support, knowledge and experience required also increase. But where can you get practical insight for the development of NXDs, for the real issues they have to deal with? Session 1 starts with "The Audit Committee".

📅8th Sep 2017

The Ikirezi Story: Entrepreneurship in a Post-Conflict Society

Nicholas Hitimana - Founder and CEO - Ikirezi Natural Products (et al.)
Join us for the first of a new series of Thought Leadership Breakfast Seminars focusing on Compassionate Leadership Initiative.

📅19th Sep 2017

Introduction to entrepreneurship & startups at UoE: Build your own empire!

Join us to see how the University can support budding entrepreneurs.

📅20th Sep 2017

Defending the indefensible? Re-examining the potential of laissez-faire leadership

Professor Michael Bresnen - Professor of Organisation Studies - University of Manchester
Join Professor Michael Bresnen of the University of Manchester for a discussion on the relative value of active and laissez-faire leadership styles.

📅26th Sep 2017

Essential ingredients for startups series: The life of a startup (1/3)

Join us for the first in the series where we explore the "essential ingredients" for successful startups with a focus on Scottish entrepreneurs.

📅6th Nov 2017

Seeing, Thinking & Doing Design Masterclass

Nick Richmond - EODF Co-chair & Director - Tricordant Ltd. (et al.)
This Masterclass explores the relationship between the individual designer and organisational design. You will learn different frameworks, models, foundational approaches as well as contemporary trends/hypes, and explore what designing organisations actually means to each of us.

📅8th Nov 2017

Building the Foundations of your Career Development

Peter Maksimczyk - Student Development Manager - University of Edinburgh Business School
In this 60 minute webinar we will look at the key elements required to be career-ready once you finish your MSc to develop the skills you need to succeed in today's competitive job market.

📅15th Nov 2017

Postgraduate Open Day

The University of Edinburgh Postgraduate Open Day is aimed at prospective students looking to find out more about our University and programmes.

📅20th Nov 2017

Leading Strategic Change Masterclass

Professor John Amis - Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation - University of Edinburgh
This 2-day programme on leading strategic change is designed to equip leaders with the ability to understand when and why change is needed in business, and how to deliver it effectively and sustainably.

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