A wide range of web services are available to staff, students and other stakeholders of the University of Edinburgh Business School. These include public websites and private intranets.


The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh Business School

Offers information for a range of audiences including potential students, current students, staff, corporate clients and alumni.

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Blogs and Social Media

School staff run a number of blogs to keep visitors up to date with the latest happenings in the School as well as among our students and researchers around the world.

The School also has a presence on a wide variety of Social Media platforms.


In order to access these services, an EASE login is required. Please contact the Web Team if you have any issues regarding your EASE authentication.


SchoolBiz is the staff intranet. Using this service, staff can access information such as:

  • administration forms;
  • documentation on school processes and activities; and
  • upcoming staff events.

In addition, SchoolBiz performs authentication duties. Once a staff member has visited the SchoolBiz homepage, they will see a 'Request Changes' button at the bottom right of all the editable pages on the public website and intranet.


BizInfo is a research portal. Using this service, staff and students can access:

  • all the premium subscription resources and databases bought by the School or the University;
  • specialist financial databases and software; and
  • a global collection of newspapers, country data and market research.


MyEd is a portal service provided centrally by the University. It is a one-stop shop giving access to services for staff, students and alumni. Depending on their level of access to the portal, users can perform various tasks such as:

  • book staff training courses offered by the university;
  • reserve meeting rooms; and
  • manage their authentication services such as their staff card PIN number or EASE login password.