Seth Armitage
Professor of Finance

Francisco Ascui
Senior Lecturer in Business and Climate Change

Iris Bosa
Lecturer in Accounting

Maria Boutchkova
Lecturer in Finance

Matthew Brander
Lecturer in Carbon Accounting and Director, MSc Carbon Finance

Tom Brown
Lecturer in Accounting

Yew-Ming Chia
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Christine Cooper
Chair in Accounting

David Cooper
Chair in Accounting

Jo Danbolt
Baillie Gifford Chair in Financial Markets

Arman Eshraghi
Senior Lecturer in Finance and Accounting and Director, MSc Finance

Ronan Gallagher
Lecturer in Finance

Marian Gatzweiler
Early Career Fellow in Accounting

Angelica Gonzalez
Senior Lecturer in Finance

Jens Hagendorff
Professor of Finance

Alistair Haig
Early Career Fellow in Finance

Caroline Hall
UG Course Administrator / Accounting and Finance Group Secretary

David Hatherly
Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Frances-Helen Hay
Senior Teaching Fellow in Accounting

Elisa Henderson
Lecturer in Accounting

Ian Hirst
Dissertation Advisor

Sebastian Hoffmann
Lecturer in Accounting and Director, MSc Accounting & Finance

Wenxuan Hou
Personal Chair in Corporate Finance

Gbenga Ibikunle
Senior Lecturer in Financial Markets

Sarah Ivory
Early Career Fellow- Climate Change and Business Strategy

Ingrid Jeacle
Professor of Accounting and Popular Culture

Edward Jones
Dissertation Advisors

Kathi Kaesehage
ECF - Climate Change and Business Strategy

Steven Kay
Research and Data Assistant

Irvine Lapsley
Professor of Accounting Emeritus

Xi Liang
Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance & Director, Centre for Business and Climate Change

Yue (Lucy) Liu
Lecturer in Finance

Craig MacKenzie
Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Enterprise

Andrew McCosh
University Fellow and Professor Emeritus of Finance

Maria Michou
Senior Lecturer in Finance

Falconer Mitchell
Professor Emeritus of Management Accounting

Peter Moles
Senior Lecturer in Finance

Paolo Quattrone
Chair in Accounting Governance & Social Innovation

William Rees
Professor of Financial Analysis

Tatiana Rodionova
Lecturer in Finance and Deputy Director of the Sustainable Business Initiative

Deirdre Ruddy
Senior Teaching Fellow and Director, MSc Accounting and Society (online)

Ben Sila
Lecturer in Finance

Stephen Walker
Professor of Accounting and Head of Accounting & Finance Group

Pauline Weetman
Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Jen Wood
Undergraduate Course Administrator / Accounting and Finance

Hang Zhou
Early Career Fellow in Finance