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The latest news and insights from the University of Edinburgh Business School.

16 January 2018

The student bringing the future of travel to Edinburgh

When recent Business School graduate Carolina Toczycka groggily answered a 3 am call from California, irritation quickly gave way to excitement as she woke up to the news her team had won the prestigious Hyperloop One Global Challenge.

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📅08 January 2018

Firms ‘gaming’ entry into FTSE 100 gain market advantage

Up to five per cent of firms entering the FTSE 100 have gamed the system to get in, according to new research.

📅19 December 2017

Insight | “For me, University is a chance to be different.”

Why go to university? Some come to pursue a subject, for employability, or to learn how to have an impact on society. Others choose this route because it’s what everyone seems to do after school.

📅13 December 2017

2017 | Year in review

Dean, Wendy Loretto reflects on key developments at the Business School during the past year.

📅05 December 2017

Insight | Four keys to sustainable innovation  

Professor Kenneth Amaeshi argues a sustainable mindset is not only essential for survival, but can also drive innovation in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

📅27 November 2017

The MBA grad hoping to clean up the beauty industry

MBA Raquel Wing explains how she’s combining skills learned in Edinburgh with her passion for clean beauty, in her new entrepreneurial venture.

📅19 November 2017

Insight | Should we be afraid of (trading in) the dark?

Dr Gbenga Ibikunle makes the case for dark pool trading…up to a point.

📅15 November 2017

Insight | The Hypocrisy of Happiness

Dr Tom Calvard argues the cult of self-improvement masks a worrying shift in the apportioning of responsibility in the workplace.

📅08 November 2017

Crafty students show how to #makeyourmark

University of Edinburgh undergraduates have been competing in a 48-hour challenge to find business solutions to global social challenges.

📅08 November 2017

Insight | Do dads still have a place in our ads?

As the first big Christmas adverts hit our screens, Professor David Marshall hopes for more nuanced portrayals of fathers at the heart of the home.

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