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21 September 2017

Global credit analysts warn of serious UK consumer debt problem

The extraordinary rate of growth of UK consumer debit has become a ‘serious problem’ according to a group of the world’s leading credit experts.

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📅11 September 2017

Latest Excellence in Teaching Award winners announced

Six more staff scoop prizes in the second phase of the School’s teaching awards for 2017.

📅01 September 2017

Insight | Social enterprise key to peace-building in Rwanda

Social enterprises have a crucial role to play in rebuilding countries after conflict, argues Rwandan entrepreneur.

📅22 August 2017

Insight | Integrated thinking key to connect performance with purpose

The pressure on organisations to be both competitive and sustainable has never been greater. But Professor Paolo Quattrone says this often leads to a mishmash of half-measures.

📅17 August 2017

New non-executive director programme to plug boardroom leadership gap

The Business School has launched a new programme to accelerate executives’ development and propel them into the boardroom.

📅14 August 2017

Insight | Where are the UK’s decacorns?

The UK has one of the most dynamic digital scenes in the word, but has yet to produce a software giant. Professor Neil Pollock examines why.

📅31 July 2017

Students reach futuristic rail travel competition finals

Edinburgh students heave reached the final stages of two global competitions, to develop an ultra-fast transportation system.

📅17 July 2017

Insight | Does it pay to plan?

Should a startup write a formal business plan or not? Professor Francis Greene weighs in on the debate.

📅10 July 2017

Excellence in Teaching Award winners named

Nine lecturers named School award winners for 2017, in recognition of their commitment to excellent teaching and learning.

📅07 July 2017

Insight | It’s time we made corporate governance proportionate

With all eyes on Brexit negotiations, Honorary Professor Guy Jubb reflects on another other challenge facing the UK’s boardrooms – reforming corporate governance.

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