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16 April 2018

How one MBA swapped conflict for the classroom

Former Canadian Army Colonel turned MBA shares his journey from warzone to the world of business education.

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📅10 April 2018

Insight | Five keys to leading digital transformation  

Technology is transforming society at an ever-increasing speed. Failure to react now, Dr Jim Hamill argues, could spell the end for organisations who can’t keep up.

📅05 April 2018

The MSc graduate taking on the silver screen

Despite challenges from an ever-growing cast of video streaming services, the global film industry is booming. One Edinburgh alumnus is making a name for himself behind the scenes.   

📅28 March 2018

Insight | Accounting lies. And that’s a good thing.

Professor Paolo Quattrone argues efforts to understand Carillon’s collapse are missing the point. Numbers should lie, he says. We just shouldn’t be so quick to trust them without questioning.

📅08 March 2018

Crover and Lilypads big winners at Startup Festival

Budding startups Crover and Lilypads were crowned winners of this year’s E Club Pitching Competition.

📅28 February 2018

Students banish winter blues with charity umbrella

A team of Business School students is hoping to make a splash and raise money for charity, with the launch of an umbrella featuring iconic Edinburgh designs. 

📅13 February 2018

Insight | Making change work

More than two-thirds of change programmes fail so it’s important to know how to get it right. Leadership expert Eve Poole (MBA 1998) gives us her take.

📅07 February 2018

Insight | Four keys to sustainable innovation  

Professor Kenneth Amaeshi argues a sustainable mindset is not only essential for survival, but can also drive innovation in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

📅01 February 2018

Social innovators lined up for Startup Festival return

Leading social innovators Mel Young of Homeless World Cup and Social Bite’s Alice Thompson will come together for the first time, to talk about new solutions for our changing world.

📅30 January 2018

The MBA grad getting geeky with gin

The gin industry is enjoying a renaissance. With the spirit more popular than it has ever been, one Edinburgh alumnus is taking on the big brands with his innovative approach.

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