25 January 2019

Delivered in partnership with industry body TechUK, the programme will boost British innovators’ chances of being endorsed by industry analysists.
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Many of the UK's digital startups are unaware of the power industry analyst firms such as Gartner, IDC, and Forrester have in deciding a young tech company’s future.

Research by Professor Neil Pollock (University of Edinburgh Business School) finds an endorsement from one of these companies can give a new business instant credibility with venture capitalists and customers, increasing sales and providing access to the investment they need to grow.

Many of these analysts are US-based and tend to favour their home market, which can also put UK tech companies at a geographical disadvantage.

The Analyst Launchpad will teach UK digital startups the value of engaging with industry analysts and provide a step-by-step guide to ‘pitch’ to gain their endorsement. It will feature free information events and in-depth seminars on how to use industry analysts for marketing and business development.

Professor Pollock will lead the programme with Business School PhD and analyst relations specialist, Duncan Chapple, and experts from TechUK. Pollock said:

Although the first equity pitch given to investors is important, this is only an initial step in securing a tech enterprise’s future. It is vital for the UK’s digital start-ups to know how to make a ‘second pitch’ to industry analysts. UK firms which manage to get on the radar of these influencers typically have higher average survival rates.

Delivered from January until March 2019, Analyst Launchpad is open to TechUK members. The first free event will take place in London on 29 January.

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