Moody’s Analytics, a renowned global analytics institution, conducted an informative workshop offering valuable insights into pre-interview preparations, interview tactics, and post-interview suggestions. Student Ambassador, Neeraja Nair Puthusseril Anilkumar, shares the top tips and reflects on the experience.
Mock interviews taking place at the Business School

Moody’s Analytics, a subsidiary of the Moody’s Corporation, is a world class analytics institution that offers financial intelligence to the business leaders across the globe primarily focusing on risk assessment to make informed decisions and efficient strategies.

The session began with a workshop offering advice for pre-interview preparations, during interview tactics, and post-interview suggestions. The workshop was followed by the opportunity to have a mock interview conducted by an esteemed team member from Moody’s Analytics.

How should you prepare for the Interview

Prior to the interview, one should research the company thoroughly. Aim to learn about its work culture, mission, vision and ultimately about its purpose through their website, annual reports, articles from the press and other resources to completely understand the firm . The research phase should also include a thorough understanding of the job description, what is expected of you as well as how best you can contribute to the role efficiently.

During the Interview tactics - Personable not Personal

While the interview is progressing, try to build a rapport with the interviewer while simultaneously making sure that you present yourself well. Active listening and clear communication are vital to the conversation. Similarly, one should never be hesitant to seek clarification during the interview. Being direct about the motive, and interest towards the company is also greatly preferred. Moreover, the STAR technique of answering a question is often considered an effective method during an interview. Most importantly, be prepared to ask questions towards the end regarding the role or the company before thanking the interviewer for their time.

After the interview suggestions

A well written and personalised email should be sent to the interviewer to thank them for their time. Remember to restate your interest in the job role and the company as well. Finally, after a reasonable amount of time, ask for feedback on your performance to help you learn and grow from the opportunity, irrespective of the outcome.

Following the workshop was a Q&A session that gave students the chance to ask the team directly their questions about the application process and the company as a whole. In addition, there was the opportunity to do a mock interview with personalised feedback. It was a privilege to learn, listen and interact with the amazing team from Moody’s Analytics.

Remember that the secret of success is to be ready when opportunity knocks! Make sure to join in other amazing professional development opportunities.

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