Each year, we recruit Student Ambassadors to share their unique experiences, insights and information on being a student at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Ryu Harada (MA Hons Business Management, 2023) tells us more about his time in this role.
Student Ambassadors pictured at UEBS Summer Party 2023

In my final year as an undergraduate student in Edinburgh, I was fortunate to be selected as a Student Ambassador for the Business School. I chose to apply for this position to further my leadership experience and to leave a positive impact on the University following my four wonderful years as a student. Although my studies were a priority in my final year, this opportunity allowed me to work on my organisation skills as I learned how to manage both responsibilities with maximum effort. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to meet individuals from all across the Business School, broadening my social and professional networks.

Peer support for prospective students

A main responsibility within my Student Ambassador role involved UniBuddy. This is an online platform which connects prospective students to ambassadors to provide personalised guidance and support in the decision-making process for those looking to study in Edinburgh. UniBuddy creates a space for peer-to-peer support through real-time conversations regarding campus life, accommodation, academic courses and many other topics. Using this platform gave me the chance to share my personal experiences about life in Edinburgh while enhancing my communication skills to assist people from all around the world with their University choices. These skills will be invaluable for me to take into my future career.

Content creation for social media

The Student Ambassador role also gave me a positive insight into the world of digital marketing, where I was able to work alongside the Business School’s Digital Marketing Officer, Sheryl, to create a series of blogs and social media posts. Personal highlights for me involved writing a blog after a successful weekend at the #MakeYourMark event - a social entrepreneurship challenge run by the Business School - and capturing key moments for a video to go on the @uoebusiness Instagram and TikTok. Thanks to these experiences, I have furthered my abilities in reflective writing and self-expression, and improved my confidence in visual storytelling.

Read my #MakeYourMark blog

Featuring in promotional videos

More recently, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of the new UEBS Undergraduate promotional video. Alongside five other Undergraduate students, I was selected to represent the Business School and talk about why we would recommend studying in Edinburgh. The video now features on the Business School website, YouTube channel and other social platforms. The experience of featuring in a promo video was well outside of my comfort zone but I really enjoyed playing an active role in showcasing Edinburgh and its vibrant student life!


For new students who are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, I would strongly encourage you to apply. It is a great way to be more involved in the Business School, as well as giving you the chance to enhance your leadership and professional experience. The time commitment can be easily balanced alongside your studies meaning it’s a great way to showcase your skills in time management! Being a Student Ambassador allows you to be creative and I particularly enjoyed having the freedom and flexibility on the content and contributions that I made. Overall, my experience as a student ambassador was a great way to share my personal insights as a student in Edinburgh, and I hope that the information and contributions I made have been useful for anyone looking to join the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Ryu Harada is a MA Hons Business Management student (2023).