We are delighted to share the news that Professor Royston Greenwood has been inducted into the Royal Society of Canada.
Professor Royston Greenwood elected into the Royal Society of Canada

Founded in 1882, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) comprises the Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences, and The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. The RSC recognises excellence, advises the government and the larger society, and promotes a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and with other national academies around the world.

Royston Greenwood, who has recently retired from the University of Alberta and who holds a Professorial Fellowship at the University of Edinburgh Business School, is one of 54 newly elected societal Fellows.

“These individuals are outstanding scholars who have made exceptional contributions, both nationally and internationally, in their respective fields,” said RSC President Jeremy McNeil.

Royston’s research into various aspects of organisational theory, most notably institutional theory, has earned him international repute. This has been recognised with, among other things, his election as a Fellow of the Academy of Management (AOM), an Honorary Member of the European Group of Organizational Studies, and the AOM’s Organization and Management Theory Division’s Distinguished Scholar Award. He is also the only person to twice win the Academy of Management Journal’s Annual Best Paper Award.

Through his work, Royston has influenced numerous doctoral students and academics around the world. On receiving news of his induction into the Royal Society, he commented: “Being elected into the Royal Society of Canada is an honour to me personally. However, I would not have received it without the colleagues and doctoral students over the past 50 years who have inspired me, listened to me, challenged me and encouraged me.”

Royston Greenwood

Royston Greenwood is our Professorial Fellow.