Angelica is our Senior Lecturer in Finance. She sits within the Accounting and Finance Research Group, and found her way to us in Edinburgh after completing her PhD in Economics from the University of York. We found out more about what Angelica enjoys most about her research, and which famous person from history she’d invite over for dinner…!
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Can you give a brief summary of your career to date, and the journey that brought you here to us at the University of Edinburgh Business School?

During the last year of my PhD studies, I decided to apply for jobs in the cities that I had fallen in love with during my travels. Edinburgh was at the top of my list! However, whilst living in this beautiful city is wonderful, my favourite thing about working in the Business School are my excellent colleagues, many of whom I am lucky enough to call friends.

If you had to give your ‘elevator pitch’ and explain in layman terms what your research focuses on, how would you answer?

My main research focuses on the composition of a firm’s board of directors and its senior executive team, with a strong emphasis on gender diversity, and its effect on firm outcomes (e.g. firm performance and risk). As data has become recently available, I am also assessing the effect of ethnic diversity on firm outcomes.

With regard to your work, is there anything exciting in the pipelines that you are working on?

I am working, jointly with Maria Boutchkova, on a fascinating project that tries to understand the lack of gender and ethnic diversity in the investment industry. Some of our findings are informing the CFA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code that is going to be launched in the UK imminently. Signatories of the Code will be committed to the continuous improvement of diversity and inclusion practices in their firm.

What do you enjoy most about your research? What challenges and excites you across both?

Being able to study everything that interests me within, or related to, finance is invaluable. The research discussions with my co-authors (including PhD students) are the most enjoyable part of my work. The challenge is to keep up with new developments in my research area in terms of methodologies and technological advancements.

What advice would you give to your younger self, about to leave home and embark upon further education?

It is worthwhile! Keep working hard!

What one book, piece of music and beloved item would you take with you to a Desert Island?

  • Book: The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee
  • Music: Requiem in D Minor by Amadeus Mozart
  • Beloved Item: My photos

If you could invite anyone over for dinner (past/present) who would it be and why?

Rosalind Franklin, who did not receive due credit for her involvement in discovering the DNA’s structure. I would like to discuss Photograph 51 with and her unrecognised contribution to genetics. I suppose I am fascinated by her story given that she faced gender-discrimination, which is at the centre of my research interests.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Galapagos Islands. I am a big fan of Charles Darwin and I would love to retrace his steps.

UEBS Research - Angelica Gonzalez

Angelica Gonzalez discusses her research into the influence of gender composition in boards and top management teams on risk-taking and performance, challenging gender stereotypes.

Angelica Gonzalez

Angelica Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer in Finance