My name is Seb, and I am a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh Business School. This September, I had the incredible opportunity to visit Copenhagen Business School (CBS) as a visiting scholar for three weeks. I hope to share my experience at CBS and how this experience benefitted my academic development.
Visiting scholarship at Copenhagen Business School

When I arrived at CBS, I was warmly welcomed by my external PhD supervisor and host during my stay, Antonia Erz, who showed me around the business school and set me up with my own office. In the first week, I was asked to hold a seminar and share my PhD research with the staff and PhD students in the department. The seminar lasted just over an hour and was filled with positive comments, constructive criticism, and ideas to consider in regards to my own research.

Over the rest of my stay, I had the opportunity to regularly meet and discuss research work with my external supervisor and many other accomplished academics at CBS, who were generous enough to offer their time and advice.

This opportunity to receive feedback on my PhD research from academics outside my network at the University of Edinburgh Business School was extremely beneficial to my personal development as an early career academic. Furthermore, it was very insightful to have discussions and form connections with others holding diverse and interesting academic knowledge. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend all PhD students do a visiting scholarship at another university if given the opportunity.

Outside academia, Copenhagen was a beautiful city to visit which I fell in love with very quickly. The city's bicycle commuting system was exceptional; some of the bike lanes equalled the size of the road for cars! Renting a bike allowed me to explore the city with ease during my free time.

Stunning architecture and delicious food could be found on every street corner. Just outside of the city was Dyrehaven ("the deer park") which was a forested getaway for lovers of the outdoors. I even had the opportunity to visit Tivoli, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

Sebastian Oliver, PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh Business School