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We host an extensive guest speaker programme featuring practitioners and academic experts, covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.

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Dean's International Seminar Series: Toward a Social Practice Theory of Relational Competing

📅24th January 2018
📅 To be confirmed

👤Paula Jarzabkowski
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📅24th Jan 2018

Dean's International Seminar Series: Toward a Social Practice Theory of Relational Competing

Paula Jarzabkowski - Professor of Strategic Management - Cass Business School
This paper brings together the competitive dynamics and strategy-as-practice literatures to investigate relational competition.

📅25th Jan 2018

Dean's International Seminar Series: Workshop: Analysing qualitative data; turning your messy fieldwork into a paper

Paula Jarzabkowski - Professor of Strategic Management - Cass Business School
Talk with PhD students - on writing strategies, or strategizing writing.

📅26th Jan 2018

UEBS Alumni Burns Night Gala Dinner

Alumni, current students and staff of the Business School are warmly invited to join us for the annual UEBS Alumni Burns Night Gala Dinner, held at the Balmoral Hotel on Friday 26 January.

📅29th Jan 2018

Public services: co-production and active citizenship

Stephen P Osborne - Professor of Public Management and Director of the Centre for Service Excellence (CenSE) - University of Edinburgh Business School (et al.)
This workshop will explore co-production in public services and its inter-relationship with active citizenship within Scottish society.

📅30th Jan 2018

How can Scotland achieve its emissions reduction ambitions?

Rt Hon Charles Hendry (Chairman) - President of BIEE and former Minister for Energy and Climate Change - UK Government (et al.)
A panel of experts drawn from industry, academia and policy will discuss the Scottish Government's emissions reduction ambitions

📅5th Feb 2018

ECA at the E Club - Artists as entrepreneurs

Professor Chris Speed - Chair in Design Informatics - Edinburgh College of Art (et al.)
Come and hear from practising artists and academics in the creative space about the dynamics of creative enterprise

📅8th Feb 2018

Impact Investing vs Socially Responsible

Professor - Blanca Pérez-Gladish - University of Oviedo
Professor Pérez-Gladish is a Professor at University of Oviedo and her research interest includes Multicriteria Decision Making, Fuzzy Sets, Linear Programming, Socially Responsible Investment, Portfolio Selection, and Management of Surgical Waiting Lists. She will present “Impact Investing vs Socially Responsible Investing” co-worked with Vicente Liern, Jamal Ouenniche, Francisco Ruiz, and Jose Manuel Cabello

📅8th Feb 2018

A Practical History of Financial Markets

Professor Russell Napier - Co-founder - ERIC Electronic Research Interchange (et al.)
How does one best determine ‘value’ in stock markets? What forces act to produce the regular material deviations from even the best estimates of such value? This Masterclass seeks to answer these questions and provides an educational tool for active investors.

📅8th Feb 2018

Hong Kong's Link To The US Dollar - Origins and Evolution

John Greenwood - Chief Economist - Invesco Ltd
John Greenwood, Chief Economist at Invesco, will explore the Hong Kong Dollar crisis of 1985 and the developments of the monetary system since then.

📅9th Feb 2018

Knowledge Spillovers in the Open Source Community

Dr Tong Wang - University of Edinburgh Business School
Dr Wang is a Lecturer in Business Economics at the University of Edinburgh. His research interest includes Regulation and Competition Policy, Internet Economics, Patent and Intellectual Property, Career Concern, Economics of Reputation, Risk Sharing, and Assortative Matching.

📅13th Feb 2018

Latin American Forum: "Cooperation: a Sustainable Strategy for reducing Inequality in Latin America?"

The Latin American Forum has established itself as a prestigious event that has welcomed a large group of international high-profile speakers from politics, business, and academia.

📅20th Feb 2018

Beauty and the market: Dynamics of innovation and evaluation

Candace Jones - Chair Global Creative Enterprise - University of Edinburgh Business School
Inaugural lecture by Professor Candace Jones

📅23rd Feb 2018

Co-producing Communities - A conference to celebrate and build partnerships between the Third Sector & statutory agencies in Children & Family Services settings

Prof Don Ledingham - Chief Executive - Ceannas (et al.)
The University of Edinburgh and Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire invite you to our Conference on co-production in Early Years, Childrens and Families services aross North Lanarkshire and beyond.

📅23rd Feb 2018

A Guided Tour to Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming in Data Science

Emilio Carrizosa - Professor - Instituto de Matemáticas, Universidad de Sevilla
Professor Carrizosa will present “A Guided Tour to Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming in Data Science.”

📅26th Feb 2018

Strategic Human Resources and the New Economics of Personnel - MBA Option Course

Professor Susan Murphy - Chair in Leadership Development and Head of Organisational Studies Group - University of Edinburgh
Although many organisations recognise the importance of managing the work force effectively and even "know" what approaches are effective, it is remarkable how often firms and managers fail to implement these approaches.

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