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We host an extensive guest speaker programme featuring practitioners and academic experts, covering a rich spectrum of topics including finance, entrepreneurship, climate change, and corporate governance.

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📅8th Feb 2018

A Practical History of Financial Markets

Professor Russell Napier - Co-founder - ERIC Electronic Research Interchange (et al.)
How does one best determine ‘value’ in stockmarkets? What forces act to produce the regular material deviations from even the best estimates of such value? This Masterclass seeks to answer these questions and provides an educational tool for active investors.

📅26th Feb 2018

Strategic Human Resources and the New Economics of Personnel - MBA Option Course

Professor Susan Murphy - Chair in Leadership Development and Head of Organisational Studies Group - University of Edinburgh
Although many organisations recognise the importance of managing the work force effectively and even "know" what approaches are effective, it is remarkable how often firms and managers fail to implement these approaches.

📅5th Mar 2018

Psychology of Investing and Financial Decisions - MBA Option Course

Dr Arman Eshraghi - Senior Lecturer in Finance and Accounting and Director of MSc Finance and Investment - University of Edinburgh
Why do some investors relish in danger and others flee at the first sign of market volatility?

📅19th Mar 2018

New Venture Creation - MBA Option Course

Dr Joanna Young - Course Design Manager and Consultant - University of Edinburgh
Designed for those who want to test and develop new business ideas, this 5-day course is highly practical and intensive. The course includes both group and individual activities, company visits and has an emphasis on growing a personal business network.

📅26th Mar 2018

Managing Stakeholder Communications - MBA Option Course

Dr Caroline Marchant - Lecturer in Marketing - University of Edinburgh
Make sure you are one step ahead in identifying your corporate stakeholder relationships while understanding the importance of a clear vision and brand.

📅23rd Apr 2018

Project Management - MBA Option Course

Projects are an important part of every organisation in our economy and are a key component of strategy delivery. With an increased emphasis on delivering projects on time, to budget, and against agreed acceptance criteria, we must now push ourselves to devise smarter, unique approaches to avoid costly project failures or over-runs.

📅30th Apr 2018

Financial Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions - MBA Option Course

Professor Jo Danbolt - Ballie Gifford Chair in Financial Markets and Director of PG Programmes - University of Edinburgh
In the competitive market of corporate control, perfecting the skills of negotiation and deal making is essential for successful mergers and acquisitions.

📅30th Apr 2018

Negotiations - MBA Option Course

Mr Tom Hutcheson - Owner Exfacie Negotiation Consultants - Associate of the Business School, University of Edinburgh
Not only does developing and enhancing these skills lead to the crafting of more effective deals and commercial agreements, but it also allows teams to be managed more efficiently, promotes more constructive interactions with colleagues and enables conflict to be handled more successfully.

📅7th May 2018

Innovation Management and Design Thinking - MBA Option Course

Dr Raluca Bunduchi - Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group - University of Edinburgh
Effective innovation management is essential for all organisations as it allows you to react to emerging opportunities in a cutting edge way, offering you strategic, competitive advantages compared to your competitors.

📅14th May 2018

Digital Strategy - MBA Option Course

Dr Jim Hamill - Owner and Director - Energise 2-0
Join this highly active course where future digital leaders will use a ‘business first’ rather than a ‘technology led’ approach to explore the why, what, how and who of digital transformation strategy, implementation and performance measurement.

📅22nd May 2018

Advanced Sustainability Programme (ASP)

Professor Kenneth Amaeshi - Chair in Business and Sustainability - University of Edinburgh Business School (et al.)
Sustainability is a very dynamic and fast-paced field. This is further complicated by the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) global challenges shaping and informing sustainability practices in different contexts. A recent fundamental change to the sustainability landscape is the global emphasis on meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Professionals in this space are required to make sense of these developments, and strategically reconcile the demands of sustainability with the quest for enhanced organisational performance.

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