The School Executive performs a number of activities and comprises academic and professional services staff.

The School Executive's main tasks are:

  • To create strategy and policy to guide the School
  • Represent and engage academic groups and professional functions in the running of the School
  • Ensuring it operates effectively and efficiently
  • Ensuring appropriate and sustainable resourcing
  • Integrating, coordinating and monitoring activities to ensure progression

School Executive Members

The School Executive meets once a fortnight during the academic year to discuss a wide range of academic and other School issues.

  • Thomas Archibald
    Professor of Business Modelling and Head of MSBE Group
  • Ann Hunter
    Director of Professional Services
  • Wendy Loretto
    Dean of the Business School and Professor of Organisational Behaviour
  • David Marshall
    Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Head of Marketing Group
  • Sarah Cooper
    Personal Chair in Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Director of Faculty & Deputy Dean
  • Roberto Rossi
    Chair in Uncertainty Modelling and Director of PG Programmes
  • Kristina Potočnik
    Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Head of Organisation Studies Group
  • Jo Danbolt
    Baillie Gifford Chair in Financial Markets and Head of Accounting & Finance Group
  • John Amis
    Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation and Head of Strategy Group
  • Mary Brennan
    Chair of Food Marketing and Society and Director of UG Programmes
  • Owen Kelly
    Director of Engagement
  • Francis Greene
    Chair in Entrepreneurship and Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group
  • Christine Cooper
    Chair in Accounting and Director of Research