We are continuously trying to improve the accessibility of our site. The work we do to fix accessibility issues will be listed on this page.


  • Manual accessibility audit (April) surfaced additional issues which have been added to the statement.
  • Policy change to reduce/eliminate (where possible) links opening in new tabs.
  • Policy change to eliminate use of single-item lists for links going forward.


  • Some forms previously contained hidden fields with no labels or input. Following a change of third-party supplier, we no longer require these hidden fields.
  • Accessibility guidance and policies for web content were written and disseminated to staff. This content is updated as guidance for best practice changes, and colleagues are referred to this content any time they request updates to our sites.


  • Student profile listing pages originally had all buttons saying 'View Profile' but linking to different destinations. These buttons now identify which specific profile they link to.
  • The ID fields for the Search, Submit Form and Apply Filter buttons were identical. This is now resolved.
  • Footer headings were out of sequence. This was rectified and headings in the footer now follow a meaningful sequence.