Our alumni share career stories, course highlights and how their time at the Business School shaped both their career and personal life.

Christian Howieson Headshot

Christian Howieson MBA


I’ve pivoted from public to private sector consultancy, expanded my skillset, and travelled widely.

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Cori Schwabe Headshot

Cori Schwabe MBA


My MBA gave me the business strategy and insight to launch successful cross-team initiatives.

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Paul Tambeau Headshot

Paul Tambeau MBA


The negotiations course gave me the skills to negotiate a joint venture agreement in healthcare.

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Vivian Maeda Headshot

Vivian Maeda MBA


I’ve steered clients from simple compliance to transformational leadership.

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Rob Shaw Headshot

Rob Shaw MBA


I’ve influenced change and led a digital transformation.

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Pitchayamon Vanichpipat Headshot

Pitchayamon Vanichpipat MSc

MSc Accounting and Finance

My Masters enabled me to shift from a purely technical role to a more strategic and impactful position.

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Theodoros Stamoulis Headshot

Theodoros Stamoulis MSc

MSc Banking and Risk

I’m enjoying advancing my career in an international banking environment.

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Dimitrios Petkidis Headshot

Dimitrios Petkidis MSc

MSc Business Analytics

I gained a clearer vision for my career, discovering my passion for diverse methods of data processing.

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Carolina Krödel Headshot

Carolina Krödel MSc

MSc Carbon Finance

My Masters enabled me to influence policy on additionality in carbon markets.

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