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Lienda Kavindele MSc

Changing investment in emerging financial markets

Job title
Associate Director of Impact and ESG
MSc International Business and Emerging Markets
Graduation year

The course

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS)?

At the time, I was searching for a programme that aligned perfectly with my academic interests, and the University of Edinburgh Business School really stood out. It provided the perfect opportunity for me to explore my chosen field of study in greater depth.

Another factor was the incredible student-friendly atmosphere of the city itself. Edinburgh’s vibrant and cosmopolitan environment made me feel welcome from day one.

Lastly, the reputation of the University of Edinburgh is outstanding. Its long history of academic excellence and global recognition made me confident that I was choosing an institution that would help me excel in my chosen field.

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

I chose to pursue an MSc in International Business and Emerging Markets (now Global Strategy and Sustainability).

I was genuinely curious about how this subject matter would be taught from the perspective of a developed market, and I believed it would provide invaluable insights into the dynamics of global business.

Additionally, the programme's diverse range of courses covering entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation resonated strongly with my interests and career goals.

Your career

Can you tell us about your career before and after graduating?

Before studying at the University of Edinburgh Business School, I had the opportunity to explore a range of internships within the financial services sector.

Since graduating, my career path has taken me into the fascinating world of impact investing, where my various roles have seen me evaluating the Impact and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria of investees, particularly those operating in emerging markets.

It's been an incredibly rewarding journey, aligning my passion for finance with a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

My Masters helped me find a different way to evaluate the impact of an investment.
Lienda Kavindele MSc

How did your degree prepare you for your career?

My degree at the University of Edinburgh Business School has played a pivotal role in shaping my career journey.

However, what truly set my education apart was the emphasis on relationship management within a diverse professional context. The collaborative group projects, though challenging at times, proved to be instrumental in teaching me how to work effectively with individuals holding diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

These skills have proven to be invaluable in my career, enabling me to navigate complex professional landscapes and foster meaningful connections with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Masters of Change

What notable changes has your degree enabled you to make in your professional or personal life?

Having spent my formative years in Zambia and South Africa, two countries with closely aligned cultural values, transitioning into a highly international environment was eye-opening.

I was immersed in a diverse community, interacting with individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, each offering unique perspectives and work styles. This exposure not only enriched my personal life but also prepared me exceptionally well for a career in an international setting, where cross-cultural understanding and adaptability are paramount.

What are the changes you have been able to make in your chosen field, of which you are most proud?

I take great pride in the progress I’ve made within my chosen field. I've had the opportunity to pivot through various roles and assume diverse responsibilities.

Throughout this journey, I have consistently moved forward in a direction that resonates with the career objectives I set for myself.

What key things that you learnt at the Business School do you still rely on today?

Adaptability, resilience and perseverance are key traits that will keep you going when the going gets tough.

Course highlights and advice

What are your best memories on the programme?

One of the best memories from my course was undoubtedly the process of writing my dissertation. I chose a topic that truly ignited my interest, and with the invaluable support of the University through a dissertation grant, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Cuba.

There, I delved into the world of innovation in a resource-limited country, particularly focusing on their remarkable advancements in healthcare innovation.

This journey was not just academically enriching but also profoundly eye-opening, allowing me to witness and document a side of innovation that was both inspiring and unique.

I'll forever be grateful to the University for enabling me to pursue research that was deeply meaningful to me and for granting me the chance to explore something so novel and transformative.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students and recent graduates?

My advice to current students and recent graduates would be to proactively embrace every opportunity that comes your way, begin contemplating your career path early in your academic journey, and take full advantage of the invaluable career services provided by the Business School and the University.

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