7 December 2017

The School welcomed UEBS alumna Olive Darragh (BCom 1985) back to speak to alumni and students in early December.

This evening event was held jointly by the Business School’s Alumni Team and the Edinburgh University Women in Business (EUWIB), a student-led initiative.

Olive Darragh spoke about her successful career and leadership journey, and touched on topics including resilience, overcoming failure and the complexity of diversity.

Olive Darragh is an entrepreneur and consultant with extensive experience working with leading asset managers around the globe. She is the Managing Director of Darragh Inc, a strategy and talent management consulting firm, and CEO of Zolio Inc, which aims to give young investors a chance to invest and learn on a real-time trading platform with fictitious capital.

Previously, Olive led on strategy and talent management for Tudor Investments, a leading global hedge fund and spent 13 years at McKinsey, where she was elected Director and co-founded and led the firm’s global Investment Management practice.

Speaking after the event, Alice Van Damme, President of EUWIB spoke about the impact it had on her and other members of the society:

“All of us left Olive’s talk inspired and optimistic about our future as graduates. One of the points of advice she gave was to try to build up resilience, an essential quality to a successful career, by purposely failing at something you know you’re not good at.

“From a personal perspective, an important takeaway of the evening was when she asked, ‘how do you define success?’. She explained that the definition of ‘success’ is different for everyone and with this, it is incredibly important to remember that your values are never the same as other people’s values.”