5 December 2018

Business School alumni and co-founders of ethical gift box startup 'Social Stories Club', Karis Gill and Aayush Goyal, share their top 10 socially conscious gifts this Christmas.
Social Stories Club

Ethical gifts are a great way to give back to society. They make unique presents which boost the feel good factor of giving. Here we run down our top 10 for 2018.

10. Arthouse Unlimited

Art House Soap

The artwork on this beautiful range of gifts is designed by a collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities – all of whom require various levels of support. Arthouse believes feeling truly respected improves health and wellbeing. 100% of its revenue is reinvested in the business, enabling it to grow and support more people.

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9. Island Bakery

Island Bakery Biscuits

These cookies are made in a factory powered entirely by local sources of renewable energy. Electricity for the building is generated by a hydroelectric turbine on the Tobermory river and a wind turbine on the hill above the bakery. Local woodchip from Mull’s abundant timber plantations heat the ovens, giving off a gentle heat that bakes the organic biscuits to perfection. Every ingredient is fully traceable back to the source.

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8. Dash Water

Dash Water Cans

Dash Water aims to naturally hydrate the nation and reduce food waste in a fun, sustainable way. The flavouring comes from wonky fruit and vegetables which would otherwise go to waste. The zero calorie drinks contain no artificial sweeteners or sugars.

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7. Café Direct

Cafe Direct Hot Chocolate

Café Direct’s sustainable model has so far given back over £6 million to coffee farmers. It also invests up to 50% of its annual profits into the communities which grow the cocoa it uses to make hot chocolate.

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6. Chocolate and Love

Chocolate and Love Bar

This ethical chocolate has won multiple Great Taste awards. The foil around its bars is made from recycled wood pulp rather than oil, and it biodegrades in a few months. The brand is part of a project which has planted more than 2,700 trees to date.

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5. Tea People

Tea People

The perfect gift for tea lovers, with speciality flavours ranging from Liquorice Mint Toffee to Golden Pear Fruit Leaf. Tea People invests 50% of its profits into education for girls in tea-growing communities. Its mission is to help young people climb out of poverty through higher education.

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4. Aduna

Aduna Product

Aduna works in partnership with an NGO in the Upper East Region of Ghana to source its boab, one the most nutrient dense fruits in the world. It has helped more than 850 local women farmers to build sustainable livelihoods.

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3. Dalit Candles

Dalit Candles

The traditional clay pot candles are made by the Dalit People of India. Once referred to as ‘untouchables’ under the country’s caste system, they have been considered to be at the bottom of society for 3,000 years. All the proceeds from their sale go toward education, healthcare and food for Dalit children.

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2. The Justice Brand

Justice Brand Bag

This social enterprise make unique reusable bags helping to cut down single use plastic waste. They also invest their profits into charities which prevent sex trafficking and support its victims.

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1. Elvis and Kresse

Elvis and Kresse Bag

London Fire Brigade’s decommissioned leather hoses transformed into luxury accessories and bags. The company has entered a partnership with The Burberry foundation to reuse 120 tonnes of the fashion label’s offcuts. It also offers exclusive tours of its designer workshop.

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About Social Stories Club

Social Stories Club creates socially conscious gift boxes containing many of these thoughtful and ethical presents.

We believe the best way to educate people about the value of social enterprise is through storytelling. Each of our KaleidoBoxes include a bespoke card with stories of the positive change each of the products inside have made.
Social Stories Club

About the Founders

Karis and Aayush Social Stories Club

International Business graduate Aayush Goyal met Business with Marketing graduate Karis Gill while studying at University of Edinburgh Business School. Having competed in the Business School's 48-hour challenge to create a social enterprise, #makeyourmark, they founded Social Stories Club in 2018.

The venture is already delivering Christmas gift boxes to customers and is crowdfunding its future growth.

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