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Master of Business Administration

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Agile Coach

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After finishing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Information Systems, I worked as a business and IT consultant in South Africa across a number of industries, including Financial Services and Energy. In 2011 I decided to pursue a Full-time MBA at the Business School, with a specialisation in Strategy. This led me to a job as a senior consultant in the product development division of Murex, a leader in the provision of trading and risk management technology. Recently I changed roles, and am now an agile coach, which allows me to pursue my passion for people along with driving organisational change.

I now work in an international company I love, on a large-scale transformation programme that I feel passionate about, and this all came from a series of events that included me getting my MBA from UEBS in 2012 - so had I not done it, I am not sure I would be on my current path.

For me personally the Dublin Student Trek has been a good way to stay connected to the Business School.

I didn't know it at the time, but my job interview at Murex would come about from a pro bono consulting project I worked on during the Christmas break with two MBA colleagues - for a training and recruitment company that we met during a leadership course at the Business School, who needed help with their marketing strategy.

Involvement with the Business School

For me personally the Dublin Student Trek has been a good way to stay connected to the Business School, and meet with students from around the globe and hear their stories. From a company perspective, we have an opportunity to meet graduates who would be a great fit for Murex - my colleague, Thomas Koch (MSc in Banking and Risk), joined us in Dublin after visiting with UEBS in 2016.