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MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Business Analyst

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Before the Business School, I was at the School of Social and Political Sciences at Edinburgh studying International Relations. During my studies, I interned and worked for a local charity, EUSA, and an electronics manufacturer. Now, I'm working at Accenture's Global Innovation Centre - The Dock - and bringing together my experience and learning from my Masters to bring new innovations to Accenture's clients.

I enjoyed hosting the Dublin Trek students at the Dock...it was a great learning experience for us all.

As my degree focused on innovation and I'm now in an Innovation Centre, it was very helpful in preparing for my future career. It has helped me to not only learn about the different approaches and considerations, both methodological and commercial, for developing new products and services, but also implementing innovation concepts in our consultancy projects. Additionally, the Masters course and Business School were very helpful in gaining exposure to different companies and how they innovate and use different techniques.

Involvement with the Business School

This year I was involved with the Business School by participating in a career lounge and speaking to the current Entrepreneurship and Innovation class. It was a great experience sharing my career journey and my experience applying for jobs. It was great to reflect, share my learning and advice during the career lounge.

Most recently, I enjoyed hosting the Dublin Trek students at the Dock with my colleagues Richard McNiff and Edinburgh alumnus Scott Nowson. It was a great learning experience for us all as I learned more about the projects at the Dock with them. Additionally, it was fantastic to share my experiences at the Dock and to introduce them to other Edinburgh University alumni at the Dock. Overall, it was a very fun experience for myself and everyone else!