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Master of Business Administration

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Founder and CEO

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Prior to my MBA, I'd been moving up through the ranks within what we now call FinTech companies. After graduating, I went back into FinTech but at a higher level, eventually managing a global division of a company called Dealogic.

In 2012, I switched gears, moving from London to live in Southern California. As there were few opportunities in FinTech at the time, I moved into managing an outsourcing firm, and then a year later I founded Enshored. Fast forward five years, and the firm is growing rapidly; we have over 200 staff and are about to open our second centre in the Philippines.

On the MBA, I really enjoyed the group work and the challenges it threw up. I really enjoyed working with people from different backgrounds and I use that experience every day managing a diverse team. It also has helped me in interviewing MBA candidates from other schools. If someone has done group work then that is the basis of my interviewing - and how people responded and reacted to group work has been for me a huge indicator if there will be a fit with my personal management style.

One of the best things about the MBA was meeting all my cohort. I married a fellow MBA student, I hired another to help me run Dealogic, and I have had help along my journey from countless others.

Running a business is not easy, there is a lot more stress than when you are an employee, and having this great support network has been huge.

Sometimes it might just be talking things over with a classmate when I am in another city - the little things like that really matter.

Involvement with the Business School

I recently gave a career talk, and hope I can build on that. When I was on the MBA, the guest speakers from business made a huge difference and impact on me. I think about some of the advice I was given and how it resonated with me more than the lessons or management books I have read since. I hope I can be a part of that moving forward.

I am also an entrepreneur, looking for talent. I would be really excited if I can find students at the Business School who would be a good fit for my company.