Manuel Bilbao Vera Headshot


MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Graduation Year:


Current Position:

Chief of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme

Current Company:

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security of Paraguay


Before pursuing my masters I was working for a multinational company called Telecom Personal Paraguay, where I was in charge of the roaming and international services department. This department included new product developments, commercial agreements with international carriers and customer-lead offers.

After graduating, I took on the role of Chief of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme in Paraguay’s Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, where I support the development of small businesses and startups at Paraguay´s National Service for Professional Promotion.

In addition, I’m also more involved in my field of expertise since I’m the head of inter-institutional relations of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme with other institutions from the Paraguayan Government and the private sector. Moreover, I’m managing new projects and alliances to further enhance the Paraguayan entrepreneurial ecosystem through public-private agreements.

My degree combined theory and practice and this has given me a broader and more realistic view of the context in which I am working. Working on real cases of companies in the Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem gave me the tools and first-hand experience to replicate and adapt these lessons to my own country.

Involvement with the Business School

As UEBS Alumni Regional Ambassador in Paraguay, I am looking forward to working with the Business School to help promote them across the country. I already help to promote the University of Edinburgh in education fairs and liaise with the UK Embassy. I really hope more Paraguayan students will look to Scotland and UEBS as the best place to fulfil their dreams of an excellent higher education which will meet their academic expectations. I believe through my example and testimony, Paraguayan students will be more encouraged to apply to UEBS.