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MSc International Business and Emerging Markets

Graduation Year:


Current Position:

Assistant Business Development Executive

Current Company:

IDA Ireland


Before moving to Edinburgh to start my Masters, I studied Law and Political Science and worked in the field for a year and a half. Even though I enjoyed the legal profession, I decided to take a slight detour towards the Trade and Investment world. I worked for the Department of International Trade at the British Embassy in Panama City and acted as a facilitator and supporter for British SMEs looking to come to Panama (and the region) to establish their business.

After almost three years of experience in the field, I chose to apply to the University of Edinburgh Business School for my postgraduate education. During my studies, I focused on applying to jobs in Europe and Asia, finally getting a spot in the Graduate Programme at IDA Ireland. It's a three-year programme of nine-month rotations around the different departments including one posting overseas. I am now halfway through my first rotation at the Content, Consumer and Business Services Department supporting the Europe team, which supports large EU companies looking to establish in Ireland.

I was delighted to organise [the] visit for the students as I felt I was completing the cycle.

As the most diverse programme in the Business School, the MSc IBEM provided me with the opportunity to work and study alongside peers from different cultural, professional and educational backgrounds. This not only enhanced my teamwork and listening skills but also challenged my creativity on problem-solving skills and expanded my points of view.

Involvement with the Business School

Recently I hosted a group of Business School students who came to IDA Ireland as part of their Dublin Trek experience. They received a presentation from Shane Nolan, the VP of Content, Consumer and Business Services. After, I briefly talked to them about my application process for the graduate scheme for IDA Ireland and my day-to-day activities.

I was delighted to organise this visit for the students as I felt I was completing the cycle having learned about my current job from a friend who came to the Dublin Trek previously. I encouraged the students to start their job applications early, and to consider IDA as a future employer as it is a prestigious organisation which is always looking for the best talent in the field.