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MSc Finance and Investment

Graduation Year:


Current Position:

Senior Director–Global Business Head of Professional Services

Current Company:

S&P Global


While completing the MSc, I was an intern at AEGON Asset Management as a Fixed Income Analyst and at State Street Associates conducting research. After graduating I joined State Street Analytics as a Risk Consultant in Edinburgh before moving to London to work for McGraw-Hill Financial in a think-tank team as a product/research specialist. I then moved to NYC, where I have been for the past five years, working for S&P Global as a Business Head and Senior Director.

My degree gave me the skills to understand the language of business and finance, as well as the quantitative skills to add-value at a company. Plus it gave me the breadth of knowledge to decide where I wanted to take my career and what my strengths were. Perhaps the most valuable part was combining the quantitative with the qualitative; and by that I mean, using the technical skills to communicate a clear plan to my fellow students and professors.

The multi-cultural class also gave a balanced perspective and set us up for the globalised business environment.

In terms of advice for current students, learn how to actively listen and always say yes to new challenges, until you gather enough information for your confidence to outweigh your fear. At that stage you are in a position to set the direction of the projects.

Involvement with the Business School

I completed a joint dissertation with State Street when I was a student which was extremely valuable in my career. As a business head for a $40 billion tech company, I would like to give similar opportunities to Edinburgh students to learn from the field and apply industry tools in their studies. I have therefore run joint dissertations with students for the past seven years.

I have also returned to Edinburgh to present on industry trends and have been involved with the New York Alumni Chapter with other practitioners. The reward is to increase the reputation of the University internationally, which I hope to do at a greater scale going forward.