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Prior to coming to Edinburgh, I completed an undergraduate degree in general management and started my career as an investment analyst, where I gained insight into the fields of strategic advisory and investment management. I then decided to deepen my understanding by undertaking the MSc in Financial Management. I now work with PwC as a consultant in the asset and wealth management industry.

My degree provided an in-depth knowledge of finance as well as the industry and gave me the skills I need at work. From financial analyses to assessments of corporate strategy, the curriculum included hands-on experience in problem-solving under time constraints and the chance to be self-reflective and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The Business School has excellent capabilities for transitioning students out of the university into their careers.

It not only covered academic criteria but also included professional development such as coaching and job interview practice. In this regard, the Business School has excellent capabilities for transitioning students out of the university into their careers. I fondly look back on a team challenge which took place at a military barracks with instructors from the British Army. The challenge outlined team dynamics and problem-solving approaches.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the degree was my joint dissertation with State Street. It proved to be excellent experience and preparation for my job, where it is essential to execute a client's request while bringing in my own ideas at the same time.

Involvement with the Business School

During my time at UEBS, I served as chairman within a student-led committee, where we organised a trip to London for the Financial Management MSc students. It enabled us to combine academic knowledge with first-hand practical insights through company visits and panel discussions. By utilising the alumni network, we were able to organise exciting (non-standard) company presentations and networking opportunities.

As an alumnus, I am the UEBS Alumni Lead in Frankfurt and help to bring together local alumni for dinner or casual drinks. It is a great way to connect with alumni of various backgrounds, gain career advice, or exchange your Edinburgh experiences over a glass of wine. While there is a strong sense of community among UEBS alumni already, the regional alumni meetings foster the relationship among UEBS alumni, wherever they may be in the world.