The Energy Consultancy Project is part of the MSc in Finance – Energy Finance & Markets specialisation and runs from January to March. Students work as a team of consultants to tackle the pitfalls that the changing energy market presents to businesses.

Benefits for Your Business

  • A succinct report and short presentation outlining ideas for solving your energy market challenge
  • Analysis of current approach and identification of future options
  • Use our students for a project you may not have the resources to tackle in-house
  • An opportunity to engage with a group of pioneering Energy Finance students

Why Work with Our MSc Finance – Energy Finance and Markets Students?

Our Finance MSc attracts students with a wide range of backgrounds, many of whom bring insights from their prior working experience in a variety of academic, business and regional contexts. Before this project takes place, the students will have gained experience with financial modelling and analytical techniques widely employed in the execution of energy projects, as well as those used for training in the wider energy market.

What Kinds of Project are Suitable?

We are keen to work with any organisation in the energy and finance sectors, especially those with operations involving energy commodity markets. This could range from all forms of energy from coal to solar generated electricity. Example projects have included:

  • Investigating factors driving investment in the downstream sub-sector of leading global crude oil exporting countries. This incorporates analysis of existing literature, recent data and quantitative analysis which is then presented to the client in a comprehensible format
  • Investigating the existence of anticipatory trading/front-running practices in the Brent futures markets, acquiring and manipulating high-frequency data
  • Investigating the extent of an energy firm's exposure to climate change and related legislations
  • Developing long-term investment strategies for an energy commodities trading desk within an oil major
  • Examination of the financial viability of a major/medium-sized energy project

Companies should:

  • Openly share information on the business
  • Provide time to brief and engage with students
  • Ideally be based in firms within Scotland or the UK


Projects typically take place between January and March.

Action Date
Contact Partnership Development to Discuss Your Project May to October
Prospective Clients Submit Project Proposals Deadline: End of October
Projects Assigned to Groups Late November
Initial Group/Client Meeting to Draw Up Project Plan Early January
Main Project Work Between January and March
Delivery of Report and Client Presentations Late March

Discuss Your Ideas

If you would like more information on student projects please contact our Student Development Team. Please include details of:

  • Which project(s) are best suited to your proposal
  • Your contact information
  • Project title, objectives and outcomes, location, knowledge and any skills required