The Investment Management Consultancy Project is an opportunity to engage with a team of students drawn from the MSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Banking and Risk, and the MSc Finance.

Investment Management Consultancy Project

Our students share their experience of working with a client for their investment management consultancy project.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Receive a practical report providing the team's research, analysis and recommendations
  • Use our students for a project you may not have the resources to tackle in-house
  • Rely on the knowledge of finance students with a sound understanding of financial principles, quantitative research and analytical skills

Why Work with Our Finance Students?

Our finance programmes attract a varied group of graduates, many of whom have an undergraduate degree in a finance-related discipline and some prior experience working in the financial services.

What Kinds of Project are Suitable?

We are keen to work with investment management organisations that have a practical project. Teams can carry out consultancy on any topic of practical relevance to the investment management industry. Examples have included:

  • Backtesting and critical evaluation of stock-screening models, investment strategy or asset allocation models
  • Top-down analysis of a sector or region to identify investment opportunities
  • Focus on factors influencing volatility of a Diversified Growth Fund
  • Researching references on 'short-selling'
  • Research in building a cross-sectional risk model and short-term time series regressions of stock on factors or market

Sponsorship Award

We are interested in developing opportunities with an investment management organisation with the aim of setting up an 'award for excellence' for one student participating in the Investment Management Consultancy Project. To find out more, contact


Projects typically take place between January and March.

Action Date
Contact Partnership Development to Discuss Your Project May to October
Prospective Clients Submit Project Proposals Deadline: End of October
Projects Assigned to Groups Late November
Initial Group/Client Meeting to Draw Up Project Plan Early January
Main Project Work Between January and March
Delivery of Report and Client Presentations Late March

Discuss Your Ideas

If you would like more information on student projects please contact our Student Development Team. Please include details of:

  • Which project(s) are best suited to your proposal
  • Your contact information
  • Project title, objectives and outcomes, location, knowledge and any skills required