University of Edinburgh Business School


The membership of the Credit Research Centre is drawn from academics from the University of Edinburgh with relevant research interests. This includes academics from the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Members of the Centre have been invited to give guest lectures at conferences in the USA and Japan, and to a number of UK and US universities and the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The work of these members attracts visiting researchers from other countries, principally the USA.


Dr Galina Andreeva

Senior Lecturer in Management Science and Director, MSc Banking & Risk

Professor Jake Ansell

Professor of Risk Management and Director, MSc Marketing

Professor Thomas Archibald

Professor of Business Modelling and Head of MSBE Group

Dr Raffaella Calabrese

Chancellor's Fellowship - Data Science

Professor Jonathan Crook

Professor of Business Economics, Deputy Dean and Director of Research

Dr Dahlia El-Manstrly

Lecturer in Marketing & Co-Director, Centre for Service Excellence.

Dr Marian Gatzweiler

Early Career Fellow in Accounting

Dr Belen Martin-Barragan

Lecturer in Management Science

Dr Fernando Moreira

Senior Lecturer in Banking and Risk Management

Professor Jamal Ouenniche

Chair in Business Analytics

Doctoral researchers

Ms Leonie Goldmann

Doctoral Researcher

Mr Chao Huang

Doctoral Researcher

Mr Marcel Lukas

Doctoral Researcher

Mr Andrej SvetloŇ°√°k

Doctoral Researcher

Miss Zheqi Wang

Doctoral Researcher

Mr Sheng Zhao

Doctoral Researcher